Do not eat, while doing these 5 things

September 21, 2015 16:13
Do not eat, while doing these 5 things

Be strict towards your children habits, to not to be blame yourself, for their health condition in the future.   

Here are the five eating habits, which you need to stop performing them. To put it simple, do not eat while doing these 5 things.

Stop them from eating in front of the TV:

Food is something, which should be concentrated while consuming. Generally, children will not be aware of, how much they are eating and might eat more than required, because of the lack of concentration on it. Moreover, they even miss the social skills of eating with the family, which is not good at that age.  
Make them accustomed to eat at the table, interacting with the family and completely throw out all the electrical devices like mobiles out, at least while eating. 

No eating in the car:

If your child is coming from the school in the evening, and starving for the food, give him/her the foods like yoghurt, bag of popcorn or fruit. But you should stop the same, if your children are on a journey.

“Treat foods give 20% of the calories and treat does not necessarily mean snack food always”, experts say.
“Currently in Ireland, 20% of calories in children’s diets come from treat foods,” says McGloin, who finds many parents wrongly consider a treat a snack food.

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Let them eat in small intervals:

Give the snacks, but not the meals, in the frequent intervals, as the kids feel hungry soon, because of their small stomach.

Child has been put to bed and uses food as distraction:

Make sure you do not give nay food to your children, when they say that, they are hungry and could not sleep. The reason they ask food in that time is just to get engaged with something else, other than sleep.

As it is the bed time, if at all, you give the food to him, he/she is not going to use those calories and you unknowingly is reducing their sleeping time. Experts say that, over weight in the elders is due to the sleepless nights in the childhood. So be strict with them.

Selected food eaters

All the problem occurs with these category children. To handle them, be patient and persevere with introducing a food 10 times or more.

Make sure you steer your children in the above said five things and thus support them in having a healthy life.

By Phani Ch

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