For a shiny skin!

March 23, 2012 15:41
For a shiny skin!

Let me take the privilege of revealing the secret for a healthy and shiny skin… you can take the privilege of trying out these steps as well;

Regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are three things that you can perform twice a day. Go for at least SPF 15 moisturizer to be used during day.

You can perform these weekly facials at your home or can get help of an expert. Cleanse with rich moisturizer, remove with cotton pad and then exfoliate skin, get steam from water carrying essential oil for soothing effect, use face mask (prefer home made one), use damp cotton to eradicate mask and wash face with water. Start vitamin E massage and continue to do so for 5-10 minutes, apply toner. After finishing with facial, wash face first with warm and then cool water. Apply some moisturizer over neck and face. You are done with your home facial.

Fresh water and fruit juices are good to purify body from toxins. Fresh fruits are also healthy to eat.

Walk and exercise regularly to maintain healthy blood circulation. It makes body and mind fresh and young.Sound Sleep

Eight hours sleep per night is effective for skin. Rejuvenation occurs during sleeping. Adjust your sleep patterns as per your body need. It’s better to sleep for complete eight hours rather than doing it in small episodes. Depression and anxiety attacks can also be lowered with good night’s sleep.

To get healthy mind and body, you need to adopt anti aging routine. You want to be young, look young, and feel young. Your skin should be the first area to get right attention. People will look at your skin and will judge about your age.

Rough skin has one other cause and that is aging. Skin becomes rough with age because of decline in hormones. Growth hormones play a very important role in keeping skin and internal organs healthy. To lower the natural deficiency, there are treatment options like hormone replacement therapy that works magically to remove symptoms of just like rough skin.

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