Beat this summer with these beauty tips

April 09, 2015 12:18
Beat this summer with these beauty tips

The city is extremely hot with the arrival of summer season. Scorching heat and sun rays may harm your skin. Tanning, premature aging and sun spots are the major skin problems which trouble us this season. Even rashes are the most common problem faced by sensitive skin. To protect from such kinds of summer skin problems, here are the tips provided by experts. Follow them to have safe skin this summer.

SPF number: SPF number is important aspect to consider. When you are going to buy sunscreen lotions, it is better not to prefer a big number. An SPF 20, if properly used can protect your skin really well.

Look beyond SPF: SPF is not the only measure of sun protection. Look for 'dual spectrum' or 'broad spectrum' sun protection lotion to also protect your skin against UVA rays.

Avoid tanning: Try and choose a sunscreen with an anti-tanning component to keep skin protected from immediate sunburn and tan response.

Give attention to whole body: Usually women give more care only for their face. It is important to protect your whole body. As any exposed part like neck, hands, feet, back and even back of your arms need protection from tanning, as they get tan soon.

Hydrate your body: It is important to hydrate your body adequate during summer as summer makes us dehydrated soon. Not just with water but have foods and fruits that have more water content.

Eat fruits: Usually many fruits are available in summer season. Every fruit has its own benefits but when it comes to water content have fruits such as water melon, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers more.

Remove makeup: always remove makeup before you go to bed. Use facial cleanser or else gently wash your face with lukewarm water.

Apply moisturizers: Pamper your skin in the summer with a liberal application of moisturisers to restore suppleness and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Breathe like a yogi: Yoga rituals such as Shitli and Sitkari Pranayama are known to cool the body. Practicing them every day is beneficial for the overall health of skin.

Summer essentials: Wear sunscreen, lip protection, sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat when you go out. Using physical protection like umbrellas and scarves wherever and whenever you can provides the best protection for your body skin.
Follow these simple beauty boosting tips to beat this summer.

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