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  • moisturizing, Shiny skin, for a shiny skin, Moisturizing

    For a shiny skin! 23 March 2012

    Let me take the privilege of revealing the secret for a healthy and shiny skin… you can take the privilege of trying out these steps as well; Regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are three things that you can perform twice...

    Keywords: tips for Skin, tips for Skin, Over neck face, tips for Skin

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    petrolatum, oily skin, tips for proper moisturizing, Moisturizing

    Tips for proper moisturizing 01 December 2012

    Dry skin is a problem faced by many of us during winter. Everyone prefers applying a moisturizer. But finding the right one which suits your skin and which stays day long is more important. Step in to a store and...

    Keywords: oily skin, moisturizer, skin care tips, lanolin

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    maintaining beautiful feet, Feet care, beautiful feet for the busy bee, Moisturizing

    Beautiful feet for the busy bee 29 July 2013

    A woman needs to take her of her feet. For a busy woman, it becomes a task better put off for later. For such situations, beautiful feet are not too difficult with a few simple techniques. Feet, to look clear,...

    Keywords: moisturizing creams, Beautiful feet, toenails, moisturizing creams

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    good looking eyes, Skin care products, look beautiful irrespective of the season, Moisturizing

    Look beautiful… irrespective of the season! 30 March 2012

    Be it summer or winter or rainy season, irrespective of the atmosphere you want to look your best every day. Then find out how to retain the moisture on your skin, irrespective of the season; Skin care producers always inform...

    Keywords: tips for Exercise, Moisturizing mask, beauty tips, tips for Exercise

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    sharp looking face, tips for face creams, what makes you look sharp, Moisturizing

    What makes you look sharp 09 December 2011

    I was busy completing my work on a morning when a colleague of mine noticed me and said, ‘You seem to be looking very dull. That freshness and charm in your face has disappeared’… for a moment I stopped working....

    Keywords: skin care, women fashion tips, tips for face creams, moisturizing

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    beauty tips, skin care tips, maximize the power of moisturizer, Moisturizing

    Maximize the power of moisturizer 15 June 2013

    Daily face care is needed to get beautiful face, but you have to care in some matters like moisturizing. Selecting the appropriate face moisturizer can be stay on the skin for extended periods of time. Make sure your cleanser that doesn't...

    Keywords: face moisturizer, good moisturizer, skin care tips, face moisturizer

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    skin care cream, glycerine, get some life in your skin this winter, Moisturizing

    Get some life in your Skin, this Winter... 14 November 2012

    The winter can be brutal on your skin. Dry heat from radiators zaps moisture, and strong winter winds can lead to increased irritation and redness. Tight dry skin and chapped lips don’t have to be a way of life during...

    Keywords: skin care cream, dry body, skin care, skin care cream

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    Tips for Exercises, Skin care tips, look your best natural, Moisturizing

    Look your best, ‘Natural’! 13 March 2012

    Today… it has been a practice to put on a minimal of make-up and just project you for the better. At the same time, it has also become very important to just do not forget to look and be natural....

    Keywords: tips for mackup, Moisturizing, tips for mackup, Natural look

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    Skin care tips, Skin care tips, pre skin care for summer, Moisturizing

    ‘Pre’ Skin care for Summer! 27 February 2012

    Finally summer is ‘on’… right in the end of February, we are able to experience the power of Sun and also the adverse effects on our skin, after facing the Sun… but, like in any other season, we need to...

    Keywords: Women skin care, Flaky skin, chapped skin, Women skin care

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    Skin care basics, Cleansing suold be done twice daily, get your skin care basics right, Moisturizing

    Get your skin care basics right... 09 June 2012

    Just as getting basics right before mastering any form of art or education, the same formula would be applicable to skin care as well... before getting a expertise on skin care, let’s know if we know the basic skin care...

    Keywords: should have some natural oils, should have some natural oils, frangrnce, wash cloth

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    , , benefits of olive oil get in on the biggest beauty secret, Moisturizing

    Benefits of Olive Oil: Get in on the Biggest Beauty Secret... 14 August 2012

    Scientists are constantly searching for ways to improve the skin care products we use, and finding ingredients that will nourish and protect our skin against free radicals may be at the top of that list. These mass-produced products may get...

    Keywords: , , Biggest Beauty Secret,

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    skin on face, clean up face, bearing a dull skin, Moisturizing

    Bearing a dull skin? 13 December 2012

    What more painful it could be rather than bearing that dullness in your face??? You might have tried n number of tips to get rid of your dull skin and transform your skin with a natural glow... but, have you...

    Keywords: dead cells skin, skin on face, basic skin care, glowing facial skin

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    Cleansing, Exfoliation, beauty and health go hand in hand, Moisturizing

    Beauty and health... go hand in hand... 28 August 2012

    If you believe the above statement, then find out the daily skin care routine for a healthy YOU... There are certain procedures that you need to follow when it comes to facial skin care. Get in to a routine and...

    Keywords: Moisturizing, Cleansing, hand in hand, Toning

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    skin care, vitamin A, love your skin be beautiful, Moisturizing

    Love your skin... be beautiful 05 February 2013

    We go for special treatments to enhance our beauty and take a extra effort to take care of our beauty. But are we taking the basic care required??? Here is that; You might be a working professional or a home...

    Keywords: vegetables, vitamin E, skin care, vitamin E

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    soft hands, skin damage, regular hand care for beautiful hands, Moisturizing

    Regular hand care for beautiful hands 12 December 2012

    Caring for your hands is not anexhausting process and sparing a few minutes everyday will help keeping your hands soft and new. Mentioned below are some tips for hand care which can be done at home. Avoid any damage to...

    Keywords: skin damage, hand wash, soft hands, moisturizing hands

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    encounter lot of skin problems, tip of the day, your kind a skin, Moisturizing

    Your kind a skin! 20 October 2011

    We take all the care for our skin to look the best, each minute. We use the best of products available. If we even have to go out in the dust and pollution, we take even more care. In the...

    Keywords: dry skin, blemishes, measures your skin type, tip of the day

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