Let everyday be yours

March 25, 2013 19:28
Let everyday be yours

Yoga, exercise, taking a break from work, going out for a coffee, talking with friends, we do everything and anything in these, almost every day to manage our mood swings and to keep away from reacting to any situation that will provoke to be a hurdle for our peace of mind.

With all your efforts and do's for a peaceful day, here are quick acts that could make you chill, no matter what;

When you know there are certain situations and things that are absolutely not in your hand and the decision of those happening or not happening should either be left to the time or taken by other person, it is better to not live in an fantasy world, think about these, but to just leave them then and there. If they are bound to happen they will, otherwise, your life does not stop, not even a single second will stop. Though sounding philosophical, you opting this thought process and getting on with the situations will definitely help you to have control on your emotions and situations, emotions or people not being able to rule you. After all, what more satisfaction could be for you rather than you being a master of your mind, body and soul...

Fix certain time limit for everything... keep your everyday busy... even your weekends, unless until you absolutely feel not to do anything, indulge in some activity... you will definitely feel better and the more your day is busy, the more your mind and actions are occupied to complete the task and the less time you have to think about anything else...

Goals, aims, ambitions and wish... life is not possible without these... you also have your set of wish list and strongly feel certain things to happen in your life, despite of knowing life and situations are unpredictable... trust your wish, strongly believe they will happen... the more pure and strong your trust is, the more possibility of you getting even the impossible, possibly...

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