All About Thyroid Disorders And Their Symptoms

November 05, 2021 16:07
All About Thyroid Disorders And Their Symptoms

All About Thyroid Disorders And Their Symptoms:- If you have seen a lot of weight gain or prolonged fatigue, dryness in the skin, cold and poor memory, then it's time to consult a thyroid expert. The thyroid is an endocrine gland that has the shape of a butterfly and is situated in front of the neck. This influences the functional processes in your body through the hormone called thyroxine. Hypothyroidism (underproduction of thyroid hormone), thyrotoxicosis (overproduction of thyroid hormone), goitre (thyroid swelling) are the most common problem of thyroid. Constipation, weight gain, prolonged fatigue, cold, dryness of skin and poor memory are the common symptoms of thyroid. Women may have menstrual irregularity and subfertility. Children may suffer with poor growth and delayed puberty due to thyroid.

For hyperthyroidism, the symptoms are loss of weight, anxiety, nervousness, excessive sweating, an increase of bowel frequency and decrease of menstrual bleeding. Thyroid function tests like TSH, T3 and T4 can be done without fasting at any time of the day. The thyroid functioning should be monitored for every six months. There would be no side effects if consumed thyroxine tablets in the correct doses. Upto 40 percent of the patients can get cured through medical treatment in a period of 18-24 months. Others will have to head for a definitive treatment or surgery as per the advice of the doctor.

Iodine is quite essential for the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency may lead to under-production of the thyroid hormone and swelling of the gland called goitre. It is important to consume iodized salt. A proper diet, yoga and exercise will keep the situation in control.

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