Symptoms And Risks Of Ovarian Cancer

September 20, 2021 18:19
Symptoms And Risks Of Ovarian Cancer

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Symptoms And Risks Of Ovarian Cancer:- Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer as the symptoms of the disease are quite difficult to detect. Most of them ignore the early symptoms or they find it difficult to detect them. Most of them find Ovarian Cancer after it reaches the advanced stages. Ovarian Cancer is a less common gynecological malignancy in the country. One among the 133 females have ovarian cancer and close to 40,000 new cases are reported in India every year. Ovarian Cancer starts in the ovary and grows like a cancer. The cancer also slowly spreads to organs and the tissues in the abdomen, lymph nodes, pelvis and lungs. The disease is epithelial and it begins in the layer of the cells.

The most common symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are vague and nonspecific. There would be a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, feeling full on eating, weight loss, bloating, discomfort in the pelvic region, fatigue, back pain, frequent urination and constipation. All those who have similar symptoms should consult a doctor to rule out ovarian cancer. 49 percent of the patients who are contracted with ovarian cancer can survive up to five years. Early diagnosis is the most important for those who are suffering with ovarian cancer. There are several risk factors for ovarian cancer. Most of them are diagnosed beyond 50 years. Smoking also increases the risk of ovarian cancer and obesity is also a risk factor.

The treatment for Ovarian Cancer depends on the extent of the cancer It involves surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Chemotherapy is very effective in most of the cases.

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