Affective financial management

March 29, 2013 18:12
Affective financial management

It is proven that more than Men, Women are not only good in multi tasking but also managing the financial issues in family. At times, we end up spending much and later realize it was not so necessary for us to have spent for a particular thing.

At times we become rigid neither spend nor let family members spend on a particular thing, later we realize it was not necessary for us to have been so rigid.

Managing money related issues is definitely a difficult task but let us analyze how to make this easy.

Never compromise on basics like healthy food, decent clothes and a properly set up home… these days, considering the change in the life style, having an own vehicle, be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler has become compulsory… analyze if you need this or can travel through public transport… apart from travelling in a bus, does Auto fares bother you much? If now what is the best method to cut down the transport expenses… plan this accordingly and you can see a major saving every month.

Buying even unnecessary, just for the heck of it, when you have gone to window shopping to kill the time, rather than investing on eating healthy, you and your family are keen to eat junk and later welcome health problems, frequent get together at your home costing happiness to your guests and a lot for you, purchasing gifts for that function or event you need to attend within your friends or relatives circle, just to show off your worth over there, increasing mobile bill, electricity bill, you lending money to your known ones and they really proving to be a big time problem while returning back the same… all these are definitely unnecessary expenditures to be attended immediately.  

There is specific age or time as such to plan savings… right from the day of taking your first salary or even when you are getting pocket money, it is best to analyze how much to be spent on what to be spent and how much to be saved for a rainy day…

Affective financial planning is no less than managing a country and if you want, you can master the art.

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