Your life, your safety

January 07, 2013 10:40
Your life, your safety

Woman today being looked upon and at the same time are facing n number of problems and one of them being 'Sexual' harassment are the number of rape cases that we are seeing... even before we come out of the trauma from the recent Delhi incident, each and every day we have been knowing about similar scenarios happening around us...

For a moment at least, let us keep aside all those scenarios of Politicians being irresponsible and the Government delaying on punishing the guilty, implementing laws that ensure Women safety, we have to take basic care about ourselves to not let these incidents ruin our life...

That is the reason; the safety of Women today has been considered a priority. Be a student, working professional, home maker or whatever, we Women tend to not only commute alone but stay alone as well... while this is a good sign of Woman independence, at the same time the security of Women has been a question... now, the time has come on us to take the responsibility of basic care of ourselves... and here are some tips that can help you;

Avoid remaining alone in an apartment laundry room or parking garage where stalkers can hide.

Never admit on the telephone or at the door that you are alone. This is an invitation to get raped.

It is risky to accept a ride home from someone you have just met. They could be a sexual offender. And you can neither trust a colleague or a friend whom you have met couple of months ago... in many cases of sexual assault, it has been proven we Women tend to get assaulted either by relatives or by friends or by those people, whom we have been known from quite a long time... so, trusting your instinct and safety and no one else in the basic safety measure.

If you decide to physically resist assault, remember that your goal is to incapacitate the attacker long enough to run to safety and get help.

Always carry a self-defense product such as Mace, pepper spray, personal alarms, stun gun or a Taser.

And remember, never give a space to anyone and repent later. Your safety is in your hands first. Try being right and safe for a peaceful life of yours... don't think of giving life a second chance, instead don’t give a chance to the situation that might not even allow you to give your life a second chance.

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