Alter your mood swings... balance them!

November 24, 2012 12:43
Alter your mood swings... balance them!

Happy at one moment... out of mind, the very next moment... Researchers have some ideas on what causes mood swings, ranging from the environmental to the biological and even the chemical. While we may find it easier to blame the stresses of our lives or hectic environments, sometimes mood swings are merely the result of a chemical imbalance, causing our emotions to be erratic often for little or no reason. Normal everyday experiences of happiness, fear, stress, and anxiety result when the brain releases neurotransmitters-chemicals that affect our very feelings. It's the release of these chemicals that affect our feelings.

Our energy and enthusiasm is completely contingent upon our chemistry. Adrenaline creates that rush of excitement. Dopamine has our dreams smiling as we go to sleep. Often, our very thoughts are derived from these chemicals, but more importantly, the types of thoughts we choose to encourage help drive the creation of these chemicals. The more we infuse our minds with positive thinking, the more of the right chemicals will flow through our minds, creating our lives for the better.

Sometimes, mood swings can be so serious they require the attention of a medical doctor. When your mood swings feel disappropriate to the situation or seem completely out of control, when they have a serious impact upon the quality of the life you are able to enjoy, then perhaps a trained psychiatrist or psychologist can handle the situation best. Sometimes, prescribed medication may be necessary.

However, many mood swings can be treated organically through herbal supplements as well as lifestyle treatments such as exercise and meditation. The more we are able to gain perspective on what sets us off and why, the better we will be able to deal with our emotions in any situation. Don't let your changing moods dominate your life. Free your mind, and you'll free yourself.

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