How to Judge Women when it comes to relationship???

September 06, 2012 11:14
How to Judge Women when it comes to relationship???

If there is one important thing that every young woman should be taught, it is that she should never love a man more than she loves herself. Even in this millennium, there are still so many women who grow up believing that they need a man to complete them. Very obviously, they have a lack of self-esteem. In fact, the world in general seems to be severely lacking in female self-esteem. This is encouraged not only by men, but also by the women who raised them. It is an emotional epidemic that must be annihilated. Below, the reader will find a list of five things that the author considers non-negotiable in a strong woman's relationship with a man.

Relationship Non-Negotiables:
Respect. Every woman worth her salt is worthy of respect. In any relationship, respect must be demanded by the woman. This need not be done in a brazen, emotional way. In fact, respect is best gained when grace and poise are constantly demonstrated. A woman in control of herself is in control of her relationships.

Trust. Anyone who claims to keep no secrets is lying and only an emotional invalid would believe them. Still, in matters of honor and fidelity, trust is vital. If a man is not upfront about his daily life or his friends, he is not worth a minute of a good woman's time. Why? Because lies build upon lies. Regarding fidelity, in this day and age a woman must take every precaution to avoid AIDS/HIV along with every other sexually transmitted disease. And really, what self-respecting woman wants a man in her bed who was just in another woman's bed, even if only within his own simple mind?

Protection. Yes, this author has an old-fashioned side to her. Chivalry needs to rear its regal head and walk proudly once again! A strong woman can take care of herself and her children. She does it automatically, with no self-pity. In truth, she would throw a pity party for herself if she did not fight for herself and her loved ones when necessary. But if a woman is going to have a man in her life, he had better be ready and willing to protect her life with his own. Any man can half-heartedly express affection. True love fights to the death to protect its beloved.

Provision. Again, this may shock some feminists, but this strong woman firmly believes that a man should be able to provide well for his woman. A strong woman is perfectly capable of providing a home, food, clothing, transportation and luxuries for herself, so why settle for a man who cannot do the same?

Enthusiasm. This might be the most important non-negotiable on the list. A strong woman is an exquisite creature and should always be treated as such. Anything that is a passion of the strong woman's is something that should always be respected and encouraged by her man. If a man is not proud of and fascinated by the strong woman, she need only show him to the door.

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