Follow the fashion... be you...

May 10, 2012 13:22
Follow the fashion... be you...

We dress, look and even inculcate some total behavioral traits that of our favorite personalities or people we are inspired by... no harm, but here are some reasons as to why you need to be yourself is more important than you imitating someone;

A problem with comparing yourself to others and wanting approval from them is that you let others control how you feel in life. You feel bad when you are saving for the new car. You feel great when you finally have gotten enough money to drive it home. And then you feel bad again when you see that someone else has an even finer automobile.

The thing about lessening your need for approval is that you have give up both positive and negative approval. They are connected because when if you no longer crave positive cheers and approval from people then you will no longer have fears of not getting that approval either.

When you really start to give it up – which might have to be done over time and with patience as your ego probably will want to snap back to seeking that sweet, sweet approval – you start to realise that neither of them are that important. They are really only as important as you decide they are. You are what you think you are and the world is what you think it is.

Another way to free you is to put in some massive, drastic action. Like, instead of driving your car, starting to ride a bicycle to work. This could catapult you right into disapproval and let you move outside your comfort zone quickly. When you first move out of your comfort zone it is uncomfortable. But after a while you get used to it and the discomfort starts to dissipate.

If you try this method you may discover that people don't care as much as you feared – maybe they are busy worrying about their own problems and what others may think of them. Or you can find that you've had a positive effect on others. Next week maybe you are not the only one riding a bicycle to work.

Whenever you feel some feeling you don't want to feel, like neediness for approval from someone then don't struggle with this feeling. Don't try and keep it out. Then it will just be further entangled in your mind and possibly even strengthened.

Instead, accept the feeling. Say yes to it. Surrender and let it in.

Observe the feeling in your mind and body without judging it. If you just let it in and observe it for maybe a minute or two something wonderful happens. The feeling just vanishes. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird but give it a try.

The funny thing is when you no longer need approval from others, when you stop comparing yourself to others you will have a greater inner freedom to do what you want. You will notice positive opportunities in your life that wasn't there before.

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