10 Fashion Mistakes Of Men

August 24, 2023 20:21
10 Fashion Mistakes Of Men

10 Fashion Mistakes Of Men:- Remember the saying, Dress makes a man. Yes beyond simple dressing and going on with the trend, following some basic tips will boost your confidence and develop your well-being. This dressing technique will apply for both men and women. Let us check how to avoid common mistakes.

Poorly Fitted Clothing:

As always along with women, men also need to concentrate on clothes fitting. Too loose or tight might affect your complete body style. Spend on well-fit clothes and come out with a polished look.

Over Complicating Patterns:

Choose clothes without too many bold patterns or clashing prints. Choose one piece like that, if at all you are looking for some clashy prints and the rest of the outfits go for a simple breezy style.

Groom Yourself:

Never neglect to groom. Pay attention to hairstyle, and facial hair and adopt a polished look.

Shoe and Belt Mismatch:

A simple rule to match your shoe and belt is its colour. Wear a leather belt with your leather shoes or go with the same colour, this will make you look cool.


Even though you are using readymade clothing, use tailors for length, waistline or for some customized polished look, that will make the outfit look more perfect.

Occasional Attire:

Formal clothes Vs casual clothes. Men always mismatch this, respect the event and the people, and always wear appropriately for the occasion.

Socks With Formal Shoes:

Avoid this, no show of socks or socks that match your pants will create a sophisticated look.

Excessive Accessories:

Overloaded with accessories will not go well. More layers of clothing and accessories will not coordinate at times.

Wearing Worn shoes:

Footwear is significant for any outfit. wearing shoes that are worn out or not clean will kill your overall appearance.

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