Tune in to your man's needs

August 10, 2013 17:18
Tune in to your man's needs

Arranged marriages are not extinct yet. Contrarily, they are very much an integral part of the Indian way of finding partners. In such a scenario, most couples feel shy to express themselves initially. To make it easier for the women, who have a shy husband, here are few pointers to help you take it forward.

Men do not usually share their feelings. Talking indirectly about feelings might give you an insight into his wants. Ask how he would like a romantic weekend to be, or explore what he would like to do. His answers are sure to have some clues.

Many men prefer to fix things rather than expressing something on the face. If your man is taking care of things around the house or fixing/repairing something, it is his way of showing his love for you. It is more about the action than the word for him.

Those who had a hard time committing before marriage would now be head over heels. Research supports the fact that men who take time to commit, take a marriage very seriously.

Men ruminate over what you talk about. It annoys many women to no end when they don't hear any response from their man during a conversation. Yet, they may be paying attention, although not saying the occasion 'yes' or 'oh'. If your man is the thinking type, then fret not. He is listening.

Men bond better with their wives when they share a task or chore. If you're doing an activity together, it will bring you both closer. This stands true for sports, outdoor activities or even cooking.

Importantly, you need to give your man his space. Men crave their alone time when they catch up with their favorite hobbies. This also means you have enough time to catch up with your girlfriends and go shopping.

Hopefully, these pointers help you understand each other better.

(AW: Sruthi)

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