5 Things a Man Should Know Before Having Romance with a Woman

February 22, 2012 17:33
5 Things a Man Should Know Before Having Romance with a Woman

Men and women often want very different things from a lovable relationship. For many men they are simply looking for a bit of fun; a one off fling that is fun but which isn’t leading anywhere. However they find out too late that the woman has other ideas! Before jumping into bed with a woman, there are 5 things that you really need to know.

What is she looking for?

This is perhaps the most important question that you need to ask. You need to know exactly what she expects from you. Is she just looking for casual romance  or is she hoping it will be more permanent? It could even be the other way around. Maybe you are looking for something serious and she is just after a bit of fun? Knowing what the romance means to her will help you to decide whether or not to go ahead.


If you plan on having romance with the woman more than once then you need to give affection before and after romance. This is a step which many men skip. Women need to feel loved and wanted. Cuddling and kissing helps your woman to feel loved before and after romance. Affection is a very big part of romance with a woman and it is something that you should be willing to do to please her.

Her Romantic History

There is a lot of advice out there relating to women finding out about a man’s romantic history. However, there isn’t a lot of advice out there for men. It is just as important to find out about her romantic history as it is for her to find out about yours. How many romantic partners has she had? Does she use protection? These are the main questions that you need to ask before deciding whether or not to have romance with her.

Back Up Against the Pill

Many men have found out through experience that it is always a good idea to use backup protection even if she is on the pill. There are all kinds of things which can affect how the pill works so it is better to wear a condom too just to be safe.

How Well Do You Know Her?

Of course you should still make sure that you know the woman you are about to have romance with. Think about how well you know her. Will having romance with her ruin anything between you? Are you both ready to take the relationship to the next level?

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