Habits of Happy Couple

December 10, 2014 16:24
Habits of Happy Couple

Chemistry between a couple is the most important aspect. The camaraderie makes them stick to one another which may long for a very long time. Here are few habits of happy couple.

Talk, Talk and Talk

For any issue, the only solution is dialog process. A couple should talk more till they are able to understand their partner's point of view. Having a good conversation every day helps a couple to gel properly with their partners.

Respect each other

The most important word in a relationship. Respecting one another and greeting them is an emotional feeling. The moment you hurt your partner, the relation will no longer exist. The one who feels hurt gets to talk uninterrupted for as long as it takes to express the hurt. The other should listen and then ask questions for clarity.

Spend time

Spending time together alone makes the couple most happy. Personal presence plays a vital factor and your partner believes that you will next to her at any time. Even if you don't plan anything, sitting at your home in a room with no expectations is also perfectly fine.


After hectic work, you definitely need a piece of relaxation and that obviously, you will get from your partner. Before going to sleep, cuddle each other in the bed and have a small conversation about  the day and work.

Take decision together

Decision making is something that your partner struggles. Helping in taking vital decisions, giving them valuable suggestions is an appreciable thing. Never mind if the decisions are wrong, after all  everything happens for a reason. It would be more delight, if the decisions taken turn good.


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