• Snapchat, Windows 10, snapchat to be back on windows 10, Windows 11

    Snapchat to be Back on Windows 10 29 June 2016

    There is good news for Windows phone! Prominent image-messaging app Snapchat will be back again on Windows 10 Mobile, after Microsoft banned third-party clients for accessing the app.According to a new report, the Spanish Twitter account of Lumia support pointed...

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    Nokia Android phone X, Nokia Windows Phones, bbm in nokia windows phones, Windows 11

    BBM in Nokia Windows Phones 24 February 2014

    Nokia has announced that it has added the Blackberry Messenger [BBM] to the Windows Phones at the Mobile World Congress [MWC] in Barcelona. Addressing a press conference at MWC Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said, “we've added some fantastic apps to...

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    Microsoft's Windows 8, Microsoft offers $100 on Windows 8, microsoft offers 100 off on new windows 8 pcs, Windows 11

    Microsoft offers $ 100 off on new Windows 8 PCs 22 March 2014

    Technology giant Microsoft is making efforts to bring people to Windows 8 operating system [OS] and so are offering USD 100 [Approx 6,000] off for the new users. This offer is exclusively for the Window Xp OS users who are...

    Keywords: USD 100 of new Windows 8, Microsoft's Windows 8, Windows 8, Microsoft offers $100 on Windows 8

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    Windows Server 2003, Microsoft, 10 days to go microsoft windows server 2003 on the verge of extinction, Windows 11

    10 days to go: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on the verge of extinction 04 July 2015

    Can a 11-year old mobile compete with the latest smartphone? It cannot. Simply because it cannot perform all the tasks, which a latest smartphone can do.Will you use an old elevator, which doesn’t have any support or maintenance? Just because...

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    WhatsApp, WhatsApp, whatsapp rolls out voice calling, Windows 11

    WhatsApp rolls out voice calling 21 February 2015

    Instant Messenger, WhatsApp is now rolling out the much awaited internet voice calling  for the Android users. A number of WhatsApp users of Android app were able to get the voice calling feature activated by simply receiving a call from...

    Keywords: iPhone WhatsApp, Android WhatsApp, Windows phone WhatsApp, iPhone WhatsApp

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    Micromax launches windows phones, Micromax w121 w092 phones, micromax launches windows phones, Windows 11

    Micromax launches windows phones 16 June 2014

    Indian smartphone makers Micromax has launched their first edition Microsoft operating system [OS] phones yesterday into the Indian market. The Canvas Win W121 and Canvas Win W092  will come up with Window 8.1 OS and surprisingly they are price below...

    Keywords: windows phones from Micromax, Micromax canvas win w121, Technology news, Sci-Tech News

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    China bans windows 8 OS in government computers, China bans windows 8 OS in government computers, china bans windows 8, Windows 11

    China bans Windows 8 20 May 2014

    China banned the Microsoft's Windows 8, the latest operating system on government computers as part of a notice on the use of energy-saving products. The ban was to ensure computer security after Microsoft ended its support for the Windows XP...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Microsoft, China bans windows 8 OS in government computers, Windows 8 OS

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    Windows 10, touch pad, acer unveils 2 1 notebook switch v10 and one10, Windows 11

    Acer unveils 2-1 notebook: Switch V10 and One10 04 June 2016

    In an event in Mumbai, Acer company has launched the ultra model 2-1 notebook with new design and features. Acer Switch V10 and Switch One10 are exclusively designed for students and budget-conscious families.  Both the models feature Windows 10 and...

    Keywords: acer, quad core processor, 2 in 1 notebook, Mumbai

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    Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft cloud, microsoft unveils windows 10, Windows 11

    Microsoft unveils Windows 10 22 January 2015

    Technology giant Microsoft has launched its flagship operating system Windows 10 and in a good news to the customers, this OS can be upgraded free for the first year. This is a bold move by Microsoft  as the company will...

    Keywords: Microsoft cloud, Microsoft, Windows 10 free, Microsoft cloud

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    Microsoft, Microsoft ends Windows XP, windows xp ends today, Windows 11

    Windows XP ends today 08 April 2014

    After launching in 2001, Microsoft will officially end the operation system Windows XP and no longer the tech giant will issue any official security updates and bug fixes for the operating system. Initially Microsoft named XP as Neptune and later...

    Keywords: Windows XP ends today, Windows 8, Microsoft ends Windows XP, Windows XP ends today

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    Word, Windows 8, microsoft releases office remote for android, Windows 11

    Microsoft releases Office Remote for Android 10 April 2015

    Office Remote - as its name suggests - acts as a remote through which you can control your presentations. The app works in conjunction with a desktop add-in installed on your PC, with actions undertaken on the app transmitted to...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Windows 8, Microsoft, Excel

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    Science News, Sci-Tech News, nokia launches lumia 1320 lumia 525 smartphones, Windows 11

    Nokia launches Lumia 1320, Lumia 525 smartphones 07 January 2014

    Nokia, the Finnish handset maker, on Tuesday launched Lumia 1320 and Lumia 525, thus expanding its range of smartphones. Lumia 1320, the 6-inch phablet, has been priced at Rs 23,999 and can be bought from mobile stores from January 13...

    Keywords: Nokia, smartphones, Nokia's Windows Phone portfolio, New Technology

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    Microsoft profit, Xbox sales, microsoft profit falls, Windows 11

    Microsoft Profit falls 27 January 2015

    Technology titan, Microsoft reported a profit of $5.86 billion for the latest quarter ending December 31, compared with $6.56 billion in the year-ago quarter. But Microsoft announced a revenue of USD 26.5 billion for the same quarter with increase of...

    Keywords: Microsoft quarterly report, Microsoft, Microsoft quarterly report, Surface tablet sales

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    WhatsApp features, Voice over IP, new features in whatsapp, Windows 11

    New features in WhatsApp 06 November 2014

    Instant Messenger application WhatsApp has rolled out new features and now a sender can confirm whether the third person read your message or not. Two blue lines appear next to the sent message which indicate the recipient has read your...

    Keywords: FAQ, Windows Phone, Voice over IP, Android

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    Technology News, PC market, windows 8 8 1 used by 10 of pcs, Windows 11

    Windows 8, 8.1 used by 10% of PCs 03 January 2014

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are being adopted by owners of desktop computer as Microsoft's older versions of OS is fading from use. According to reports, latest Net Applications data suggest that at least 10.49 per cent of the PC...

    Keywords: Technology News, Windows 8, Windows OS, Microsoft's OS

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    Windows 11 version release, Windows 11 beta, microsoft windows 11 release date revealed, Windows 11

    Microsoft Windows 11 release date Revealed? 30 June 2021

    Microsoft Windows 11 release date Revealed?:- The entire world is waiting for the release of Microsoft Windows 11and the beta version is already available for users. The reviews and the response is exceptional right from the look to the design....

    Keywords: Windows 11 beta, Windows 11, Windows 11 news, Windows 11 rumors

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    Google Project Zero, Google, google exposes microsoft s bug again, Windows 11

    Google exposes Microsoft's bug again! 19 January 2015

    Internet giant, Google has once again exposed the bugs in Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8.1 operating system that it found while examining under its 'Project Zero.' The Redmond giant has been informed regarding the security vulnerabilities and is expected to...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Windows 7, Google, security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows

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    Windows 8, Micromax, micromax launches revolutionary laptab, Windows 11

    Micromax launches revolutionary LapTab 08 January 2014

    Taking the Smartphone market to another level, Indian mobile manufacturer, Mircomax India has introduced LapTab phablet. The specialty of this LapTab is, it runs with dual operating systems, Windows 8 and Android. The device is aptly designed for multitasking across...

    Keywords: Mircomax India, LapTab Specifications, price of Micromax LapTab, Sci-tech News

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    new phone models, windows new phones, lumia 950 windows 10 phone out, Windows 11

    Lumia 950 windows 10 phone out 07 October 2015

    The company’s first flagship Microsoft’s Lumia 950 is out now. Speaking on the release, Microsoft official, Panos Panay said, “The specifications are similar to some of the Android phones. The Microsoft focused on how far Lumia 950 can be different...

    Keywords: Lumia 950, windows 10 Lumia 950, new phone models, windows 10 Lumia 950

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    Terry Myerson, Windows, aren t you using a genuine version of windows then this news is not good for you, Windows 11

    Aren't you using a genuine version of Windows? Then this news is not good for you 19 May 2015

    People running pirated copies of Windows are going to have to pay - or keep pirating - if they want to update their computers to Windows 10. That may sound painfully obvious, but there's actually been quite a bit of...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft

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