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  • Sarve Satyanarayana as congress candidate, Sarve Satyanarayana, official sircilla rajaiah replaced with sarve satyanarayana, Warangal bypolls

    Official: Sircilla Rajaiah replaced with Sarve Satyanarayana 04 November 2015

    Siricilla Rajaiah has been replaced with Sarve Satyanarayana, by the Congress high command, for the candidature for Warangal Lok Sabha bypolls. If everything had gone well, Siricilla Rajaiah is supposed to file his nomination today, for Warangal bypolls. But everything has...

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    siricilla rajaiah daughter in law fire accident, rajaiah family fire accident, siricilla rajaiah s family members died in fire accident, Warangal bypolls

    Siricilla Rajaiah’s family members died in fire accident 04 November 2015

    Siricilla Rajaiah’s family members lost their breath in the early morning 3 am in a fire accident at home. Congress MP, Siricilla Rajaiah is again in the race of the upcoming Warangal bypolls. As Pasunuri Dayakar from TRS party and...

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    Gaddar warangal bypolls, Gaddar warangal bypolls, gaddar clarifies about contesting in bypolls, Warangal bypolls

    Gaddar clarifies about contesting in bypolls 02 September 2015

    The Warangal Lok Sabha bypolls are nearing and as of now, there is no clarity on Gaddar, whether he would participate in the elections or not. But he finally came forward to the media and spoke about his contesting in...

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    Chandrababu Naidu sacrifices Warangal elections, Warangal bypolls, naidu to sacrifice warangal by polls for kcr, Warangal bypolls

    Naidu to sacrifice Warangal by-polls for KCR! 12 November 2015

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seems to step back in Warangal by-polls, to avoid unnecessary controversy with Telangana Chief Minister KCR.Chandrababu Naidu and KCR have maintained a tough rivalry, especially during the cash for vote and phone conversation issues....

    Keywords: Warangal bypolls, Warangal by-polls, Chandrababu Naidu sacrifices Warangal elections, Chandrababu Naidu sacrifices Warangal elections

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    Warangal bypolls, TRS Warangal, back to back criticisms on trs in warangal, Warangal bypolls

    Back to back criticisms on TRS, in Warangal 09 November 2015

    It seems that, it would be tough for the TRS, to win in Warangal bypolls. Right from the beginning, TRS leaders said that, they are not at all worried about the result of Warangal bypolls, as TRS party is anyway...

    Keywords: Telangana news, Warangal bypolls, Critisms on TRS leaders in Warangal election campaigns, Telangana news

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    warangal byelections, Telangana news, warangal bypolls trs bjp congress candidates got ready, Warangal bypolls

    Warangal bypolls: TRS, BJP, Congress candidates got ready 03 November 2015

    All the opted candidates from the big parties, are awaiting the upcoming Warangal bypolls and already started conducting the political campaigns. As known Pasunuri Dayakar is opted as the candidate to contest in Warangal by polls from TRS. Along with...

    Keywords: bjp candidate in Warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls, Telangana news

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    YSRCP Warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls, ysrcp has scope to win in warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls

    YSRCP has scope to win in Warangal bypolls! 04 November 2015

    It seems YSRCP is serious about contesting in the upcoming Warangal bypolls.  In the beginning, when YSRCP thought of contesting in the bypolls,  there are several speculations in the public, stating that, YSRCP could not do well, as the Telangana...

    Keywords: Warangal bypolls, YSRCP candidate in Warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls

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    Warangal by-polls, ysrcp in Warangal bypolls, warangal by polls trs downfall is hinting oppositions victory, Warangal bypolls

    Warangal by-polls: TRS downfall is hinting oppositions victory 10 November 2015

    TRS party officials are currently facing tough time to campaign for the upcoming Warangal by-polls. It seems the confidence levels of the TRS party officials are coming down for the upcoming by-polls. Actually, it is because of Srihari Goud, the...

    Keywords: ysrcp in Warangal bypolls, Warangal by-polls, Telangana new, ysrcp in Warangal bypolls

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    pawan supports TDP bjp in Warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls, pawan kalyan campaigns for tdp bjp in warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls

    Pawan Kalyan campaigns for TDP-BJP in Warangal bypolls! 09 November 2015

    Will Pawan Kalyan support TDP-BJP candidate in Warangal bypolls or not, is the million dollar question now. Pawan Kalyan, the one name that can influence the leaders and the common public at the same time, has made a revolutionary entry...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, Telangana news, Telangana news, Telangana news

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    Warangal by-polls, TRS Warangal bypolls, trs misrule 50 questions for 500 days, Warangal bypolls

    TRS misrule: 50 questions for 500 days 13 November 2015

    Congress party leaders, released a booklet, on TRS, on the occasion of its completion of 500 days in the government. Basing a right occasion, targeting the opposition parties, is not new in the country politics and that too in the...

    Keywords: Telangana news, TRS, TRS, Warangal elections

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    telangana news, warangal ghmc elections, pasunuri dayakar from trs for warangal bypolls, Warangal bypolls

    Pasunuri Dayakar from TRS, for Warangal bypolls 31 October 2015

    Pasunuri Dayakar is finalized as the candidate for the Warangal Lok Sabha seat, from TRS party.Warangal bypolls is the present hot topic of the dual Telugu states. Along with the TRS party in Telangana, even TDP and YSRCP are keen...

    Keywords: telangana news, warangal ghmc elections, warangal ghmc elections, telangana news

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