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  • tdp chandrababu, tdp chandrababu, babu s hithabodha to tdp folks, Vastunna meekosam

    Babu's hithabodha to TDP folks 13 March 2013

    TDP supremo has held an internal meeting today to reinforce the party cadre in West Godavari district. Chandrababu Naidu appealed to the party folks to work day and night in order to bring back the lost charm of TDP. He...

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    vishakapatnam vastunna meekosam padayatra, vishakapatnam vastunna meekosam padayatra, vastunna meekosam s concluding ceremony, Vastunna meekosam

    Vastunna Meekosam's concluding ceremony! 27 April 2013

    The beach area in Vishakapatnam has been decorated beautifully as it's going to host TDP's mega event, Vastunna Meekosam padayatra's concluding ceremony. TDP leader and Tollywood actor Balakrishna has already reached Vishakapatnam to take part in the concluding ceremony. Actor...

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    chandrababu naidu vastunna meekosam, differences between ntr balakrishna, balakrishna rules out differences with ntr, Vastunna meekosam

    Balakrishna rules out differences with NTR 22 March 2013

    In the wake of the media reports that there are differences between Nandamuri Balakrishna and NTR, Balakrishna has finally curtained the speculations. He ruled out any differences with NTR. He said he and NTR had no problem and the news...

    Keywords: 38612 ntr balakrishna rift, chandrababu naidu vastunna meekosam, differences between ntr balakrishna, 38612 tdp chandrababu naidu

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    women reservations, womens day vastunna meekosam, babu emphasizes on need to give importance to women in politics, Vastunna meekosam

    Babu emphasizes on need to give importance to women in politics 08 March 2013

    On the eve of International Women's Day, TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu hailed the womanhood. Expressing his concern over attacks on women, Chandrababu said that it is the duty of everyone in the society to ensure that attacks on women don't...

    Keywords: womens day vastunna meekosam, women reservations, womens day vastunna meekosam, womens day tdp

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    vastunna meekosam banners, vastunna meekosam padayatra concluding ceremony, harikrishna ntr find no place in end titles of vastunna meekosam, Vastunna meekosam

    Harikrishna, NTR find no place in end titles of Vastunna Meekosam! 27 April 2013

    The maximum use of Nara Lokesh's photos in banners set up by TDP in Vishakpatnam to promote the concluding ceremony of Vastunna Meekosam walkathon seems to be rubbing salts in the wounds of Harikrishna and his son young NTR. The...

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    padayatra chandrababu naidu, kalyanram ntr harikrishan, kalyanram rules out rift between babu harikrishna, Vastunna meekosam

    Kalyanram rules out rift between Babu-Harikrishna 02 May 2013

    Actor Kalyanaram has commented on the rumours in the air that there was a rift between TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu and NTR's son Harikrishna. In fact, earlier Harikrishna came before the media and condemned the speech of Balakrishna against his...

    Keywords: kalyamran vastunna meekosam, babu harikrishna rift, padayatra chandrababu naidu, kalyamran vastunna meekosam

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    appoint PRC, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, mahanadu statements, Vastunna meekosam

    Mahanadu Statements 28 May 2013

    On the first day of Mahanadu conducted by the Telugu Desam Party yesterday, the party President stated the following in his opening speech after garlanding the statue of NTR and paying salutations  to the founder of TDP and lighting at...

    Keywords: Mahanadu Statements, Chandra Babu criticized, welfare activities, For the employees

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    vastunna meekosam padayatra, electricity problems vastunna meekosam, vastunna meekosam babu takes centre stage in ap politics, Vastunna meekosam

    Vastunna Meekosam: Babu takes centre stage in AP politics 01 April 2013

    More than six months and still not out! Wonder what we are talking about...Well, it's no rocket science but definitely a great adventure by TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, who has now taken the centre stage in Andhra Pradesh politics. When...

    Keywords: tdp electricity charges, electricity problems vastunna meekosam, vastunna meekosam power problems, electricity problems vastunna meekosam

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    vastunna meekosam padayatra, budget sessions andhra, ap budget sessions babu finds fault with governor s address, Vastunna meekosam

    AP budget sessions: Babu finds fault with Governor's address 13 March 2013

    TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has seriously found fault with the customary address of Governor to the joint sitting of legislative assembly and council to mark the opening of budget sessions today. Chandrababu has alleged that the Governor's speech was filled...

    Keywords: budget sessions andhra, chandrababu naidu congress, budget sessions andhra, hand look weaving community congress

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    vastunna meekosam last day, april 20 vastunna meekosam, end card to vastunna meekosam soon, Vastunna meekosam

    End card to Vastunna Meekosam soon 19 March 2013

    Vastunna Meekosam, the massive padayatra started by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, is finally going to get an end card. More than six months of walk and over dozen districts, Chandrababu Naidu undoubtedly created a history in Andhra Pradesh politics that...

    Keywords: vastunna meekosam padayatra, vastunna meekosam tdp, april 20 vastunna meekosam, chandrababu naidu vastunna meekosam

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    aadhaar cards chandrababu naidu, chandrababu naidu congress rule, babu appeals to defeat congress in forth coming elections, Vastunna meekosam

    Babu appeals to defeat Congress in forth coming elections 25 March 2013

    TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has called upon the public to defeat the Congress rule in the state. Babu, who is East Godavari district over his padayatra, has urged the people to bring down Congress sarkar in the forth coming elections....

    Keywords: chandrababu naidu east godavari district, aadhaar cards gas cylinders, aadhaar cards chandrababu naidu, chandrababu naidu congress rule

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    jagan, tdp, no confidence drama to get out of jail babu, Vastunna meekosam

    No confidence drama to get out of jail: Babu 15 March 2013

    Chandrababu Naidu has lashed Jagan and YSRC for their no confidence move yesterday in his Vastunna Meekosam padayatra. Speaking in Achanta,West Godavari; he said that they were right in not supporting the TRS or the YSRC in the no confidence...

    Keywords: tdp, tdp, jagan, chandrababu naidu

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    vastunna meekosam padayatra, chandrababu walkathon, what is babu saying, Vastunna meekosam

    What is Babu saying? 19 March 2013

    So far we have seen at least one engineer or a doctor from every family. At least that is what many people in Andhra Pradesh will wish if their family had no doctor or engineer in the past. Will anyone...

    Keywords: last day of vastunna meekosam, chandrababu walkathon, vastunna meekosam padayatra, last day of vastunna meekosam

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    jagan jail, chandrababu naidu vastunna meekosam, what s the future of ysrc, Vastunna meekosam

    What's the future of YSRC? 30 April 2013

    TDP is going strong as of now, according to the observers, in election campaign. Although padayatra was more or less reportedly aimed at knowing problems of the public, the observers were of the opinion, that it would certainly come under...

    Keywords: jagan jail, jagan chanchalguda prison, opposition parties andhra, opposition parties andhra

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    ysrc ruling party, leaders of ysrc, leaders who joined ysrc repenting, Vastunna meekosam

    Leaders who joined YSRC repenting? 09 March 2013

    Are many leaders who left behind the ruling and opposition parties for joining YSRC are now in utter confusion? Yes, say observers. For any political party-apart from agenda, political charisma and cadre-the important aspect is to keep the leaders in...

    Keywords: leaders of ysrc, 2014 elections, ysrc leader in jail, jagan chanchalguda jail

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    jagan politics prison, amma hastham, amma hastham becomes mondi hastham babu, Vastunna meekosam

    Amma Hastham becomes Mondi Hastham: Babu 27 April 2013

    TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has alleged that nearly half of the cabinet ministers are accused in several cases and cabinet meetings would soon be held in jails. Babu, who was inVishakapatnam, as a part of his padayatra Vastunna Meekosam, has...

    Keywords: vastunna meekosam final day, vastunna meekosam final day, vastunna meekosam final day, amma hastham

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    chandrababu naidu tdp, vastunna meekosam hyderabad, babu not contented with vastunna meekosam, Vastunna meekosam

    Babu not contented with Vastunna Meekosam? 29 April 2013

    TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has finally wrapped up his massive walkathon, Vastunna Meekosam that lasted for six months. Started on October 2, 2012 from Anantapur district, Chandrababu Naidu moved from district to district and reached the other end of the...

    Keywords: chandrababu naidu vishakapatnam, vastunna meekosam concluded, vastunna meekosam concluded, vastunna meekosam concluded

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    Chandrababu naidu, magantibabu, chandrababu can t eat chicken, Vastunna meekosam

    Chandrababu can't eat Chicken 15 March 2013

    In a funny incident during his Vastunna Meekosam padayatra, Chandrababu Naidu had to face a few moments of embarrassment when Magantibabu, a foodie, tried to serve Babu with chicken. Babu who has been staying away from non-vegetarian food politely declined...

    Keywords: Chandrababu naidu, naidu, padayatra, Chandrababu naidu

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    lokesh naidu tdp future, ntr chandrababu differences, chandrababu kept ntr at bay, Vastunna meekosam

    Chandrababu kept NTR at bay? 21 March 2013

    Is it true that TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu is having a rift with NTR? We don't whether it's true or not but observers are speculating so much over the same. When Andhra Wishesh spoke to many senior journalists and analysts...

    Keywords: ntr nara lokesh, vastunna meekosam chandrababu naidu, ntr chandrababu differences, vastunna meekosam chandrababu naidu

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    textile merchants vat, tdp chandrababu naidu, tdp hogs limelight, Vastunna meekosam

    TDP hogs limelight? 20 March 2013

    Telugu Desam Party seems to be trying its best for making a point in the public that it has been fighting public issues. While TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is busy in his padayatra taking Congress and YSRC and pilla Congress...

    Keywords: textile merchants vat, vat protest, tdp vat protest, babu vastunna meekosam

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