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  • Flappy Bird developer, Flappy Bird developer, flappy bird ends its journey, Google play

    Flappy Bird ends its journey 10 February 2014

    Mobile game Flappy Bird has ended its journey as the developers have pulled it off from the Google Play and Apple iTunes App stores. The reasons for this decision was not mentioned by the developer Nguyen Ha Dong and he...

    Keywords: iOS 7, Earning of Flappy Bird, iOS 7, Earning of Flappy Bird

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    Android OS, Android Operating System, vlc for android os soon, Google play

    VLC for Android OS soon 20 June 2012

    VLC application for Android would come to reality soon at Google Play Store. In next few days, the software would be available for the download, said the company sources. VLC application is expected to even feature as the universal media...

    Keywords: Android OS, VLC for Android Operating System, Google Play Store, Google Play Store

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    Google Play, TRILUMINOS touchscreen, sony launches walkman, Google play

    Sony launches Walkman 06 January 2015

    With the advent of Apple's iPod, Sony's Walkman gradually faded away in the market. Though Sony did not stop bringing new Walkmans' they did not sell in huge numbers. But now Sony has surprised everyone by launching a Android powered...

    Keywords: Sony, TRILUMINOS touchscreen, TRILUMINOS touchscreen, Sony Walkman ZX2

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    2014 elections, Google Play Station, narendra modi means business, Google play

    Narendra Modi Means Business 26 September 2013

    Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP's PM's candidate now campaigning for BJP for 2014 elections certainly has a way mixing business with politics and administration.   Yesterday SmartNamo, an adroid smart phone was launched that attracted many...

    Keywords: Google Play Station, SmartNamo Android phone, Narendra Modi, 2014 elections

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    cashless transactions, Google Play Store, bhim app downloaded for 3 million times, Google play

    BHIM App Downloaded for 3 Million Times 03 January 2017

    "Indigenous digital payments app BHIM has been downloaded 3 million times and enabled over 5 lakh transactions since its launch", Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said today. "Bhim App - 3 million downloads since launch, No 1 on Play store...

    Keywords: Google Play Store, cashless transactions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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    rice paddy hat, make me asian, racism in google apps, Google play

    Racism in Google Apps 28 December 2012

    US smart mobi-zens, the smartphone users, are irate over the new apps in the Google Play Store that have been promoting racial stereotypes while also being hate mongering due to the fallacious nature of the stereotypes being ascribed to certain...

    Keywords: make me chinese, make me indian, google play store, brown skin

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    Saahore Baahubali, Saahore Baahubali updates, saahore baahubali the most streamed song of the year, Google play

    Saahore Baahubali: The Most Streamed Song Of The Year 02 December 2017

    Saahore Baahubali: The Most Streamed Song Of The Year:- Like every year, techie giant Google has been awarding the best across movies, songs, apps, games, books and other stuff across the globe. Google Play announced the list of the most...

    Keywords: most streamed song 2017, Saahore Baahubali news, Saahore Baahubali most streamed, Saahore Baahubali

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    Paytm App latest news, Paytm App latest updates, paytm is back to google play store, Google play

    Paytm is Back to Google Play Store 19 September 2020

    Paytm is Back to Google Play Store:- After a series of unexpected events, the Google Play Store removed Paytm for violating the guidelines of Google and promoting games related to gambling. With Paytm removed from the Google Play Store and...

    Keywords: Paytm App updates, Paytm App, Paytm App uninstalled, Fantasy Cricket

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    Google Play Music, YouTube's Paid Subscription Service, google to merge youtube red with google play music, Google play

    Google To Merge YouTube “Red” With Google Play Music 28 July 2017

    Google To Merge YouTube “Red” With Google Play Music:- As per the media reports, to give way to a new service, YouTube’s paid subscription service ‘Red’ will be eventually merged with Google Play Music. YouTube’s Global Head of Music, Lyor...

    Keywords: YouTube Red, Merger, Google Play Music, YouTube Red

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    Paytm App latest, Google Play, paytm app removed from google play store, Google play

    Paytm App Removed From Google Play Store 18 September 2020

    Paytm App Removed From Google Play Store:- Paytm app has been removed from the Google Play store because of the addition of the fantasy cricket tournament that was added which is against the policies of Google Play. However, the Paytm...

    Keywords: Paytm App ban, Paytm App news, Fantasy Cricket, Paytm App ban

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    Google IO, Google Play, android 4 3 leaked, Google play

    Android 4.3 leaked? 27 May 2013

    Google Android has been hinting a newer version of the OS for the upcoming Nexus 4 that it is set to unveil within a couple of weeks or so with slight improvements such as a 32 GB storage option among...

    Keywords: Google IO, Google IO, Android 4.3, Android

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    UPI Transaction System, WhatsApp New Version, whatsapp new beta update to have upi payment feature soon, Google play

    WhatsApp New Beta Update To Have UPI Payment Feature Soon 10 August 2017

    WhatsApp New Beta Update To Have UPI Payment Feature Soon:- According to the latest update, WhatsApp shows a new Beta update by the Facebook-owned mobile messaging platform. As per the update, WhatsApp will soon facilitate instant money transfer through the...

    Keywords: WhatsApp New Version, UPI Transaction System, UPI Transaction System, RBI

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    Hyderabad Company, Phone Application, app to women s rescue, Google play

    App To Women's Rescue 10 June 2013

    ZestWings Informatics, a Hyderabad Company developed a Phone Application to rescue women in distress.   The recent unfortunate events in the country are posing a problem for women irrespective of their age, profession and marital status.   It is not...

    Keywords: Hyderabad Company, Women's Rescue Apps, Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma, Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma

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    Android voice calling Apps, WhatsApp latest version, whatsapp voice calling is finally available without any invitation, Google play

    WhatsApp Voice calling is finally available without any invitation 01 April 2015

    WhatsApp voice calling feature has been recently released by the company. But due to its limitations some users have faced problems to use the service. Today, with the upgrade of the latest WhatsApp application, users need to no longer wait...

    Keywords: Google play, WhatsApp latest version, WhatsApp calling feature download, Android voice calling Apps

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    IRCTC Connect app, IRCTC Android App, irctc launches android app, Google play

    IRCTC launches Android App 13 October 2014

    Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation [IRCTC] finally released its official Android app with the name 'IRCTC Connect' which will make easier process for the travelers. This App allows users to book railway tickets, apart from checking reservation status, train...

    Keywords: IRCTC Connect, IRCTC Android App, Indian Railways, IRCTC

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    Google play, Fcaebook, jio apps are the most downloaded on google play, Google play

    Jio Apps Are the Most Downloaded on Google Play 08 September 2016

    After taking the competition in India’s telecom space to a new level by offering free voice calls cheap data costs, Reliance Jio apps have now beaten mobile messaging service WhatsApp and social networking website Facebook on Google Play. Of the...

    Keywords: Jio App, Jio App, Technology, Whatsapp

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    Samsung Galaxy, Slacker, samsung introduces ad free music streaming, Google play

    Samsung introduces ad-free music streaming 08 March 2014

    South Korean mobile maker Samsung on Friday launched a free music service for the US users of its Galaxy smartphones, making way into the crowded market of Pandora, Spotify and Apple's iTunes. Milk Music service is a ad-free music streaming...

    Keywords: Google play, Milk Music, Samsung introduces ad-free music streaming, Samsung Galaxy

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