Racism in Google Apps

December 28, 2012 18:38
Racism in Google Apps

US smart mobi-zens, the smartphone users, are irate over the new apps in the Google Play Store that have been promoting racial stereotypes while also being hate mongering due to the fallacious nature of the stereotypes being ascribed to certain races. They are in fact humiliating to the races they are targeting.

Make Me Indian is an app that allows you to alter a photo of any person with war paint, brown skin and other attributes of a Native Indian. While this might be fun to do for a few others have deemed it to be derogatory to the races.

The most popular such app is Make Me Asian. Asian stereotypes are the most popular today in the world, while almost always being offensive to the Chinese, Japanese and Korean people. This allows you to add a Fu Manchu moustache and a get a Rice Paddy hat to make you look Asian.

The apps are not really funny while allowing people to characterize and marginalize a few races, something that they would never do to other races.

They have been urging the moderators of the Play store to retract the apps. Google is yet to take any action.

(AW- Anil)

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