• Haunted, viral videos, haunted i bet anyone would fear for this, Fear

    Haunted: I bet anyone would fear for this 09 October 2015

    However brave we are, at some point of time, we are ought to fear for few things in life. Fear may come in a huge ghost attire or in a very silly form, where you don’t even expect to fear...

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    viral videos, viral videos, ghosts you don t believe but still fear, Fear

    Ghosts: you don’t believe, but still fear 02 April 2016

    “I do not believe ghost. I don’t think ghosts will exist. I don’t even scare for ghosts. Ghosts, my foot.” These are the dialogues we generally hear from the people around, regarding the ghosts. But practically, I don’t think no...

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    Baahubali, Srimanthudu, james bond does not fear for baahubali naresh, Fear

    James Bond does not fear for Baahubali - Naresh 23 July 2015

    After a gap, Allari Naresh is getting ready to release his new film ‘James Bond’ this Friday. Currently, as Baahubali conquered the theatres and Srimanthudu is nearing its release, other movies are not able to take a release in Tollywood,...

    Keywords: James Bond release date, Allari Naresh, Baahubali, James Bond release date

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    Pawan Kalyan land pooling, Chandrababu Naidu Pawan Kalyan, naidu fears for gabbar singh anam, Fear

    Naidu fears for Gabbar Singh - Anam 14 September 2015

    Anam Vivekananda Reddy says that Chandrababu Naidu fears for Gabbar Singh, which implies Pawan Kalyan.It is known that, Pawan Kalyan extended his support for TDP party in 2014 elections, and anyone cannot condemn the fact, that it is because of...

    Keywords: Chandrababu Naidu Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu Naidu Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan land pooling, Anam Vivekananda Reddy about Chandrababu Naidu

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    Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, fear grip turkey after bloody coup attempt, Fear

    Fear, Grip Turkey After Bloody Coup Attempt 17 July 2016

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport Saturday morning and declared the attempted coup against his government to be a failure, but also a “gift from God.” The coup attempt sent Turkey into a state of chaos...

    Keywords: Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, Tayyip Erdogan, Coup

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    Mumbai Building Collapse, 40 People Trapped, building collapses in mumbai s bhendi bazaar 40 feared trapped, Fear

    Building Collapses In Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar, 40 feared Trapped 31 August 2017

    Building Collapses In Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar, 40 feared Trapped:- A building crashed in South Mumbai near JJ Junction in Pakmodia street of Bhendi Bazaar area. The civic officials feared that as many as 40 people are trapped under the rubble....

    Keywords: Mumbai Building Collapse, Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai Building Collapse, Building Collapse

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    The Telangana Poultry Breeders and National Egg Coordination Committee, KT Rama Rao, ktr s encouragement to fearlessly eat chicken and egg, Fear

    KTR's Encouragement To Fearlessly Eat Chicken And Egg 29 February 2020

    KTR's Encouragement To Fearlessly Eat Chicken And Egg:- The outbreak of Corona Virus is making people shudder to eat chicken or egg and the Telangana Poultry Federation, the Telangana Poultry Breeders, and National Egg Coordination Committee make us fearless. On...

    Keywords: Rajender, Rajender, KT Rama Rao, Telangana Poultry Federation

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    Hyderabad doctor, Hyderabad doctor, hyderabad doctor shoots self for police fear, Fear

    Hyderabad doctor shoots self for police fear! 09 February 2016

    Cyberabad police declared that doctor Shashi shot himself in the early hours of today, after allegedly firing at another doctor Uday, last evening. The city police are in search of Shashi, the master degree holder in surgery, from the last...

    Keywords: Hyderabad news, Laurel hospitals doctors suicide, Hyderabad doctor, Laurel hospitals doctors suicide

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    Terror attack, Shia mosque, suicide bomb explosion at kuwaiti shia mosque many feared killed, Fear

    Suicide bomb explosion at Kuwaiti Shia mosque, many feared killed 26 June 2015

    A suicide bomber has reportedly blown himself up at a Kuwaiti Shia Muslim mosque in Kuwait city during the Friday prayers, wounding at least eight people, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida said. "Eight casualties have been taken to the Emiri hospital, two...

    Keywords: Terror attack, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS

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    Jaydev Galla new speech, Jaydev Galla about no confidence motion, highlights jaydev galla s fearless fight in parliament, Fear

    Highlights: Jaydev Galla's Fearless Fight In Parliament 20 July 2018

    Highlights: Jaydev Galla's Fearless Fight In Parliament:- TDP MP Galla Jaydev took the lead and spoke in the Parliament house against BJP and on introducing the no confidence motion in the house. He revealed that it is not a war...

    Keywords: Jaydev Galla latest, Jaydev Galla new speech, Jaydev Galla latest, Jaydev Galla speech

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    suicide, Guntur, doctor commits suicide fearing hiv infection, Fear

    Doctor Commits Suicide Fearing HIV Infection 13 August 2016

    In a shocking incident, a lady doctor committed suicide in Guntur fearing that she might have been infected after a surgery to a HIV positive patient on Thursday.According to the police “the doctor, Vijayalakshmi (24), was a PG student of...

    Keywords: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, suicide

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    Chinese phonemakers, Chinese phonemakers info, data privacy govt fears about chinese phonemakers, Fear

    Data Privacy: Govt fears about Chinese Phonemakers 17 August 2017

    Data Privacy: Govt fears about Chinese Phonemakers: With Nokia almost vanished and Samsung struggling to dominate the mobile market in the country, the Chinese phonemakers took the lead and they have been dominating the Indian circuits clearly. Mobile companies like...

    Keywords: Chinese phonemakers latest, Chinese phonemakers crime, Oppo, Indian government

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    earthquake in North Korea, World news, man made earthquake in north korea triggers atomic bomb fears, Fear

    Man made earthquake in North Korea triggers atomic bomb fears 06 January 2016

    A hydrogen bomb test is successfully conducted in North Korea, capital city Pyongyang reports confirmed.  After it got exploded at 10am today at the Punggye-ri test site in the north east of the country, the thermonuclear weapon triggered a 5.1...

    Keywords: North Korea, World news, earthquake in North Korea, earthquake in North Korea

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    Funny videos, Love fear, things go wrong after love turns to fear, Fear

    Things go wrong after love turns to fear 30 January 2016

    You are ready to be a servant for your girl and you love, when she falls back of you always. But after a certain time, you would get irritated with the repeated things, she do to you. But still you...

    Keywords: viral videos, Love fear, viral videos, Funny videos

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    IT Job, IT Job, telugu techie commits suicide over job security fear, Fear

    Telugu Techie Commits Suicide Over Job Security Fear 13 July 2017

    Telugu Techie Commits Suicide Over Job Security Fear:- Gopikrishna Durga Prasad (25), a software engineer has reportedly committed suicide in Pune by jumping from the terrace of a hotel in which he checked-in three days ago. Hailing from Krishna district...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, IT Job, Telugu Techie Suicide, IT Job

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    Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Uttam Kumar Slams KCR, tpcc prez uttam kumar reddy slams kcr says kcr fears losing elections, Fear

    TPCC Prez Uttam Kumar Reddy Slams KCR, Says KCR Fears Losing Elections 04 August 2017

    TPCC Prez Uttam Kumar Reddy Slams KCR, Says KCR Fears Losing Elections:- The TPCC President N.Uttam Kumar Reddy refuting the accusations of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao during his press conference described Mr Rao’s remarks as a result of “frustration...

    Keywords: KCR Fears Losing Elections, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Uttam Kumar Slams KCR, N. Uttam Kumar Reddy

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    tribals fear for rock rain, tribals fear for rock rain, haunted heavy rocks rain in nizamabad, Fear

    Haunted: Heavy rocks rain in Nizamabad 11 August 2015

    You might have heard of ice pieces faling down from the sky, during the rain. But have you ever heard of heavy rocks falling from the sky? Yes, such heavy rocks are regularly falling down in a tribal area of...

    Keywords: rocks rain, rocks rain, rock rain, Heavy rocks rain

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    Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Tollywood gossips, sardaar gabbar singh run time trimmed due to fear, Fear

    Sardaar Gabbar Singh run time trimmed due to fear 06 April 2016

    Benefit shows is the one word, that is being heard big in all the big cities now, where Sardaar Gabbar Singh is going to conquer from April 8th. Not just in the small theaters, for the first time, the Pawan...

    Keywords: Sardaar Gabbar Singh news, Tollywood gossips, Tollywood gossips, Sardaar Gabbar Singh

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    funny videos, funny videos, fearless kid you would love to have, Fear

    Fearless kid, you would love to have 09 May 2016

    When I was a child, I was eating mud, but today kids, they even see the expiry date of a juice pack, before consuming it. With the advanced world, even the kids started turning as advanced, and braver. The kid...

    Keywords: Fearless kid, funny videos, Fearless kid, Fearless kid

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    Coronavirus latest, Coronavirus community spread, community spread of coronavirus fear in ap and telangana, Fear

    Community Spread Of Coronavirus Fear In AP And Telangana 04 June 2020

    Community Spread Of Coronavirus Fear In AP And Telangana:- AP and Telangana saw a gradual rise in the number of new coronavirus cases after the states are asked to relax down. They are reporting cases from new areas where there...

    Keywords: Coronavirus new updates, Coronavirus AP, Coronavirus new updates, Coronavirus news

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