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  • Chaitanya Reddy, Chaitanya arrested, chaitanya arrested for wife kiran s murder, Dermatologist

    Chaitanya arrested for wife Kiran’s murder 22 June 2011

    Sleuths of Central Crime Station of Hyderabad today arrested Mr. Chaitanya Reddy for the murder of his wife Ms. Kiran reddy, niece of the Union Minister S. Jaipal reddy.Police arrested him after the post mortem report had established that the...

    Keywords: niece of the Union Minister S. Jaipal reddy, Kiran reddy’s death, Raghottam Reddy, Chaitanya’s arrest

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    Kiran reddy, Chaitanya Reddy, kiran reddy s death unnatural ak khan, Dermatologist

    Kiran reddy’s death unnatural: AK Khan 21 June 2011

    Hyderabad police commissioner AK Khan said today that the death of the 26-year old dermatologist Ms. Kiran reddy, niece of the Union Minister S. Jaipal reddy, was not natural.  Speaking to media persons in Hyderabad, he said that the post...

    Keywords: Chaitanya Reddy, Hyderabad police commissioner AK Khan, Kiran reddy’s death, death unnatural

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    Men skin tips latest news, Men skin tips study, best tips for glowing skin for men, Dermatologist

    Best Tips for Glowing Skin for Men 22 March 2022

    Best Tips for Glowing Skin for Men:- Skin health is quite important for everyone and having a glowing skin is not so easy. Gender has nothing to go with skin health. Both men and women suffer from acne breakouts and...

    Keywords: Men skin tips Dermatologist, Men skin tips study, Men skin tips, Men skin tips latest updates

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    measures your skin type, life less skin, your kind a skin, Dermatologist

    Your kind a skin! 20 October 2011

    We take all the care for our skin to look the best, each minute. We use the best of products available. If we even have to go out in the dust and pollution, we take even more care. In the...

    Keywords: life less skin, tip of the day, measures your skin type, Vitamin E

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    exfoliation, Dermatologist, how to exfoliate skin in winter, Dermatologist

    How to exfoliate skin in winter 19 December 2013

    With the winter season is upon us, it is important to  change your skincare regime to suit the season. Dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra says, “Dry skin looks dull because it is caused by dead skin cells, and both need to...

    Keywords: exfoliate skin in winter, Winter Season, Beauty, Beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain

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    dandruff remedies, hair fall, never oil hair in dandruff, Dermatologist

    Never oil hair in dandruff 12 December 2013

    For us Indians, hair oil seems to be the ultimate remedy for all hair woes. But mind you, oiling your hair when suffering from dandruff can only aggravate the itch and flake. Don't trust us? Read on. Dr. Vijay Singal,...

    Keywords: hair fall, don't oil hair in dandruff, Indian dermatologist, moisturize hair

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    eczema, skin problems, selfie can cure skin problems, Dermatologist

    'Selfie' can cure skin problems 28 October 2014

    A study has claimed that a 'Selfie' [taking your own picture with the help of an electronic gadget] will cure skin problems more fast than visiting a dermatologist. According to a research, selfies can help identify and cure skin problems,...

    Keywords: skin problems, April Armstrong, dermatologist, skin problems

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