Here are the Symptoms of Night Eating Disorder

March 31, 2022 18:37
Here are the Symptoms of Night Eating Disorder

Here are the Symptoms of Night Eating Disorder:- Several doctors, scientists and health experts are asking the people of all ages to eat less during the nights. But some of them are unable to control their food habits and are not able to sleep well. The unhealthy compulsive eating is the sign of Night Eating Disorder. All the people with Night Eating Disorder have a feeling that they cannot have a comfortable sleep in the night unless they eat more. This happens due to anxiety and depression. This causes a disturbance in the sleep cycle or insomnia. Every one among the hundred suffer with Night Eating Disorder and they have a risk of obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic diseases.

It would be difficult to lose weight for the people who suffer with Night Eating Disorder. Frequent mood swings, stress and other symptoms are seen in people suffering from the disorder. The people who are overweight and have the history of depression and those who are following a low calorie diet are probe to Night Eating Disorder. They are also possible chances of genetic linkages. Here are some possible symptoms of Night Eating Disorder:

Waking up in the night to eat something.
Thrive to eat something between dinner and sleep
Negligible appetite in the morning.

Tips to get rid of Night Eating Disorder:

One should consult a doctor to stay away from the disorder. Go for a walk in the night before sleeping. Have a well-balanced dinner. Consult a psychologist and a nutrionist. Avoid unhealthy foods during the nights.

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