Hallucinations can be Halved by Psychosis Detection System

September 15, 2020 19:02
Hallucinations can be Halved by Psychosis Detection System

Hallucinations can be Halved by Psychosis Detection System:- The doctors developed a data mining method to detect youngsters who are suffering from psychosis. This new method is based on the advanced data mining to find the early risk signs from schools and hospitals. This was presented at the ECNP virtual congress and is published in a peer-reviewed journal. As per the study, Psychosis is a condition that will make you lose touch with reality and will leave you in suffering from hallucination or delusion. This is impacting 20 million people around the globe and is costing 94 billion EUR every year. The best way to manage this is to prevent it before it develops in your body. The doctors have developed several ways to detect people who are at risk of Psychosis.

The UK doctors developed a new data mining methods to detect Psychosis and the risk of developing it. This will allow people to offer them preventive psychological interventions to halve the risk of Psychosis. Research leader Professor Paolo Fusar-Poli said "It is better to prevent it before developing a symptom of mental health. This generation is under extreme stress and is facing several issues because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is better to wake up before taking the stress. A data mining method has been developed to search the medical records who are at risk of psychosis".

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