Here Is All About Smartphone Pinky Syndrome

April 18, 2020 17:09
Here Is All About Smartphone Pinky Syndrome

Here Is All About Smartphone Pinky Syndrome:- The usage of smartphones turned out to be a part of life in this modern world. It is heard that every person spends close to five hours on their smartphone. With the lockdown implemented across the globe, the usage of smartphones increased. Several users have been complaining of developing a deformity in their little finger which is called as 'pinky finger'. Here is all about 'smartphone pinky syndrome':

The excessive usage of smartphones causes thumb and other fingers to be over-used. This causes hypermobility of smaller joints that are present around the fingers.

The ligaments of the thumb are stressed because of the usage. If this continues, it can lead to osteoarthritis. This also leads to excessive bone formation around the joints.

This also leads to the deformation of the fingers. They change your diet plans and health conditions.

Here are some of the tips to stay away from smartphone pinky syndrome:

Avoid using the smartphone often. Use it after short durations.

During gaming and texting, keep things short. Before your hands hurt, take a break.

Stretch your fingers frequently to avoid problems. Use speech or swipe keyboard at times.

Play the content on a tv or use a mobile stand. Switch work between your hands to prevent stress.

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