Diabetes, no more a Problem!

November 14, 2011 16:59
Diabetes, no more a Problem!

Every year, 13th November has been declared as World Diabetes Day. And this I was known when I was browsing through the news. All these years, we have been listening to our taste glands and have been eating and living the lifestyle as per our wish. Well, this is definitely a healthy way of leading a life style. But, it is also very important to lead a proper life style that can make your life healthier.

So, let’s take a pledge on the eve of World Diabetes day, to prevent ourselves from Diabetes, because as far as I know, once we are affected with diabetes, there is no cure, it is all about Control. And this reminds me of, ‘Prevention is better than Control’;

Not only in the case of diabetes, for getting rid from any health related issue for that matter to lead a healthy life style, Physical fitness that leads to a strong emotional thought process is essential. So, this has to be your single point agenda;

•    Lose weight

•    Lower your blood sugar

•    Boosts your sensitivity to insulin — which helps keep your blood sugar within a normal range

Research shows that both aerobic exercise and resistance training can help control diabetes, but the greatest benefit comes from a fitness program that includes both.

Corn flakes as a breast fast option every day, may sound a bit boring to you. But the more corn flakes along with milk you have the more fiber intake would increase in your body. So, let’s;

•    Reduce your risk of diabetes by improving your blood sugar control

•    Lower your risk of heart disease

•    Promote weight loss by helping you feel full

Foods high in fiber include fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Yes, of course, Rice is our staple food. But, Whole grains and more of wheat intake would keep our body and heart healthy. Although it's not clear why, whole grains may reduce your risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels. Try to make at least half your grains whole grains. Many foods made from whole grains come ready to eat, including various breads, pasta products and many cereals. Along with this, intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and particularly green leafy vegetables, would increase the overall metabolism of your body.

And yes, please don not let the stress affect your mind. Stress is the Mother of almost all the health related issues that we face.

Please understand, being a Woman if we are healthy, only then our family and life would be healthier.

And all those who are living with diabetes, please understand that it is just a problem that we are treating and as far as it is in control, nothing can affect our happiness.

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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