Secret Behind Katrina Kaif's Fitness

October 13, 2016 12:48
Secret Behind Katrina Kaif's Fitness

Everyone who watch Bollywood movie 'Baar Baar Dekho' must have noticed stunning abs Katrina Kaif had in her latest hit song, Kala Chasma. I bet you secretly wished to have them. So, here is the secret behind the gorgeous actress fitness.

Katrina Kaif’s trainer Yasmin Karachiwala spills the beans. Yasmin first met Katrina about 9 years ago at Salman Khan’s farm in Panvel. Ther Katrina asked Yasmin to help her get into Bollywood shape and that was the start of her transformation journey. In an exclusive, we got Yasmin to share tips and also reveal some celebrity secrets.

“When I met her, she only used to do yoga and weight training, I added functional training and pilates to her routine,” says Yasmin.

Katrina Kaif Fitness

She said "Katrina does a lot of pilates as this really works on your core - the inner most muscles closest to the spine which really fine tune the entire body structure. Today, Katrina’s routine consists of functional training, pilates and cardio, which are boosted by exercises using TRX, Bosu, Powerplate, Kettlebells, Medicine and Swiss Balls. The duration of the workouts rests squarely on the final result, and varies from 1 to 3 hours a day, seven days a week, reveals Yasmin. Katrina works out every day and not just for a particular role or song. Every workout plan of Katrina involves exercises that boost stamina and increase strength and flexibility."

“Katrina is a very strong girl and she doesn't shy away from any kind of challenge. I can plan any workout for her and know she'll successfully complete it. It’s very important for me to tell you that Katrina didn’t magically get those amazing abs. She maintains very high fitness levels throughout the year and when a role demands a body like that because of her existing fitness level we plan a workout to achieve the desired results,” she adds.

Katrina Kaif Fitness
“Food plays a big role in getting lean so focus on getting enough protein, fiber, complex carbs and healthy fats. I tweaked Katrina's food plan and we cut out foods that would add to her fat percentage and added foods that would give her energy and nourishment. Katrina’s meals revolve around oats for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of fruit, fish and veggies for lunch, a sandwich in the evening and soup and egg whites for dinner,” shares Yasmin.

“You should know that it is very important to be aware of the foods you crave and allow yourself to indulge in them from time to time but also be able to stop yourself and not lose focus of your goal,” she advises.

She also tells us that "Katrina is really dedicated to her routine and never really cheats on her diet but once she completes the training, she indulges in whatever she likes for a couple of days before getting back on track."

Katrina Kaif Fitness
Yasmin explains that "everyone has a unique body and your body does not react to all workouts in same way. Before starting any exercise program, it is very important to set a goal and know your strengths and limitations in order to make a plan according to what will work for your body type. It is also important to love the workout that you do otherwise you will not enjoy it and hence won’t stick with your routine."

“With Katrina, I plan a different routine every day to make sure she’s constantly challenged. No matter how much you want to be fit, if you do the same thing every day, week after week, month after month, you will eventually feel bored and start losing interest. Make sure you have variations like gym, running, walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, football, yoga or pilates,” she says.

Katrina Kaif Fitness
Here are Yasmin’s five most important fitness mantras that will get you ready:

1. Move: It is very important to be active all day. We have very sedentary lifestyle and don’t get up even to get a glass of water. Please move as much as you can when you can.

2. Work on building strength: Do some kind of strength training. It can be doing squats or triceps dips while watching TV or else any kind of body weight training works.

3. Hydrate yourself: Keep sipping on water. If you are constantly thirsty it may be an indication that you are already dehydrated.

4. Eat smart: Pick healthier alternatives for flours, cooking oils and foods that you tend to use in your cooking every day.

5. Attitude: It’s all in the attitude. So be positive and keep going. You need to train regularly and consistently to see results. Half-hearted efforts never work.

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