Foods That Keep Your Lungs Healthy

December 06, 2021 18:05
Foods That Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Foods That Keep Your Lungs Healthy:- A healthy diet is the need of the hour for everyone in this modern world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic taught many lessons for the mankind and the lung health too turned out to be the priority for human beings. One has to quit smoking immediately to maintain a healthy and happy lungs. Here are some of the foods that promote lung health:

Berries: They are rich in anthocyanins and this helps to slow down the decline of the functioning of lung that happens due to the age.

Salt: An adequate amount of salt intake can keep your lungs healthy. It is advised to take fresh food that is cooked at home instead of taking packaged food.

Green leafy vegetables: All the green leafy vegetables are high on carotenoids and they reduce the risk of lung cancer. One has to include greens in their diet. Spinach, fenugreek, amaranth are the best.

Red-colored fruits and vegetables: Tomatoes, red peppers are rich in lycopene which can keep the lungs healthy. Tomato juice can improve the inflammation airway. They also help in age-related decline in the functioning of lungs.

Caffeine: A decent intake of Caffeine on a regular basis will keep your lings healthy. It works as an anti-inflammatory and has polyphenols that helps in good lung function.

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