Basic Exercises to Perform Using a Bucket

October 13, 2020 15:24
Basic Exercises to Perform Using a Bucket

Basic Exercises to Perform Using a Bucket:- Most of the people have been restricted to their homes during this coronavirus pandemic season. Some of them missed their workouts at the gym and some of them could not step out for a fresh breath and a short walk. Some of them realized that home based fitness is easier than expected. There are several workout options available and you can pick one of them. A bucket workout is simple and keeps one fit. Easy Human, a health cafe and club suggested several training workouts.

Take a small bucket with a handle and 25% of water. Every movement should be very slow that not a drop should spill over. It increases the muscle tension and will make you stronger. After a few days, you can slowly increase the load through the level of water. This will help you increase your strength. All these movements can be repeated 15 times for three sets. Here are the bucket workouts:

Bucket squats: Hold the upper rim of the bucket with both your hands. Set your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your knees at 90 degrees. Stand up straight again and move slowly. Repeat it for 12-15 times.

Bucket rows: Hold the upper rim of the bucket with both the arms fully extended down. Your upper body should be bent at 45 degrees and the bucket has to be pulled. Extend the arms again and again. Repeat it for 15 times.

Bucket press: Lie down on a floor and hold the bucket from the lower edge. Keep the bucket on your chest with arms folded. Push the bucket up and down until your arms are fully extended.

Bucket front raise: Stand straight and hold the bucket with two hands from the handle of your body. Raise it to the level of the shoulder and bring it down. Repeat it for 12-15 times.

Bucket curl: Reduce the bucket water. Hold the bucket handle with one hand to the side of your body and raise it to the level of your shoulder. Always keep your upper arm stable and move from elbow to bring the bucket up and down. This will help you work on the triceps.

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