Development or deployment?

March 04, 2013 17:15
Development or deployment?

This makes me ask, 'do we need this kind of development?'... well, this is not called a development. This kind of change, if implemented in our system, this would be because of the result of we not changing our life style and irrespective of knowing the importance health and taking healthy food, not implementing the same is causing hell lot of problems... know one of the case that took place in Hawaayi gardens, a small place in Los Angeles. In this place it has been noticed that more than half of the population of children are suffering from obesity. This made the researches come out with the report that in future, there would be more than half of the population suffering from heart related diseases and diabetes.

In order to take immediate steps to control this, the Government over here has passed on a rule that right from the basic diet and fitness routine to what care to be taken for a healthy life style, all these should be taught to the children in the school as a part of the syllabus in the curriculum.

Its not only the kids but their parents should also join the kids in learning this subject at least 4 times in a week.

These immediate measures are taken and are implemented in some other country. But in the country like us where implementing a rule at least 70% has become impossible, what if we also face this kind of health crises?

So, wake up, lets implement the habit of living a healthy life style so a better living.

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