Eat healthy... eat yummy

January 14, 2013 17:02
Eat healthy... eat yummy

Sankranti celebrations are in high spree… variety of dishes that are yummy, colorful atmosphere at home, relatives and friends popping in and raising up the festive mood… colorful kites that make the sky look even more colorful… the result of the hard work of every farmer, reaping positive results and creating happiness in the families… this is what Sankranti is all about.

And the dishes cooked at the time of Sankranti are not only tasty but also have lots of health benefits. This winter season, no matter how healthy food we eat, our immune system needs some more necessities… that are where the two most preferred dishes cooked during the Sankranti time would come into picture… pongal and pulagam… we all are familiar with the taste of these dishes, let us also know the health benefits of these dishes…

The main dishes that are made with the newly arrived crop are Pongali and Pulagam. Pongali is prepared with new rice, milk, new jaggery and is very important in terms of nutrients. The lack of amino acids in body can be prevented with this. With the addition of ghee, the fatty acids and with milk, the minerals will be supplied.

Pulagam is made with rice, ghee black gram or yellow gram and the nutrients are very high. The taste is extraordinary. Black gram or yellow gram will have equal quantity of carbohydrates.  Calcium is more in black gram. 100 grams of black gram will be having good amount of calcium. That is the reason the black gram vada is having importance.

Right from the dal we cook adding lots of green leafy vegetables to the rasam and even curd, coconut offered to God, each and every food item has its set of importance that add a lot of vitamins and energy to us when we take these in the form of food…

So, enjoy the taste and be healthy!!!

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