10 Essential Kitchen Tricks

October 04, 2016 15:42
10 Essential Kitchen Tricks

Kitchen is a place where every woman spends her half of her day. So,the Kitchen work gets over fast,  every woman should know some tricks to make life easier. Here are some:

If you want to soften butter faster, cut the butter into small pieces.

To make tasty filter coffee, add a little sugar to the coffee filter before adding coffee powder, then add boiling water to it.

For tasty and fluffy omelets, add a little milk or a tbsp of water when beating eggs.

When you have excess lemons, and don't want to throw them then just squeez  the juice and freeze the lemon juice in ice cube trays. You can use it whenever needed in your recipes. It  stays good for 15-20 days.

To break coconut exactly into 2 equal halves, always wet the coconut and draw an imaginary line around the mid riff of the coconut with your fingers Then break it.

To get fluffy rice, add a tbsp of fresh lemon juice when cooking rice to get fluffy and whiter grains.

To fix excess water in gravies, roast 11/2 tbsp of poppy seeds and grind it to a paste. Add it to the watery gravy and boil it on medium flame.

To make crispier pooris, always when kneading wheat flour dough for making pooris, add a tbsp of  rava or a little rice flour to the wheat flour.

For crispy bhindi fry, add a tbsp of curd or lemon juice when frying the bhindis. This also prevent stickiness.

To make paneer softer, dip them in warm salt water before adding it to any gravy or curry.

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