The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood

October 10, 2017 18:34
The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood

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The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood:- Are you uncertain of how to cook delicious fish at home? You will be surprised to know how simple it can be. When it comes to cooking your perfect fish fillet, there are many options to choose from like - grilling, frying, poaching. But, preparing seafood is delightfully simple.

And moreover, did you know that eating fish and shell fish, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease. As per the recommendations from the US Department of Agriculture, most adults should eat 2 servings (about 8 ounces) a week. And most importantly, sea food should be stored and cooked properly so that it is safe to eat.

Follow these below simple tips and tricks to have a perfect seafood.

How To Choose Seafood


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1) Remember to buy always fresh fish when you are shopping. Buy fresh seafood that is shown on a thick bed of fresh ice or refrigerated. The ice should not be melting in this case.

2) The fresh seafood should smell fresh and mild, but not sour and fishy. An ammonia smell means it is spoiled and you should not eat it.

3) One must avoid frozen seafood if its package is open, crushed on the edges or torn.

4) One must avoid packages with signs of frost or ice crystals. This implies that the seafood has been frozen and thawed.

How To Store Seafood

Store Seafood

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5) If you are going to eat the seafood within two days, after you buy it, then it is advisable to store seafood in the refrigerator.

6) Remember to wrap your seafood tightly in plastic and store it in the freezer, if you are not going to use it within two days.

7) Make sure you separate raw seafood from ready-to-eat or cooked food.

8) Before and after handling any raw food, wash your hands with soap and water.

9) It is recommended to wash cutting boards, utensils, dishes, counter tops, and anything else that has come into contact with raw seafood.

How To Cook Seafood

Cook Seafood

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10) Thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. Seal it in a plastic bag and let it sit in cold water or microwave it on the “defrost” setting, if you need a quicker method.

11) Cook seafood at an internal temperature of 145 degrees.

12) When the meat is opaque and separates easily with a fork, that is when the fish is ready.

13) When the meat becomes pearly and opaque, that is when the shrimps and lobster are ready.

14) The Scallops are ready when they become opaque and firm.

15) When the shells open during cooking, the clams, mussels, and oysters are ready. Do not eat the ones that do not open.

16) When serving, keep the hot food hot and cold food cold. Within two hours of cooking, refrigerate the leftovers.

17) The uneaten leftovers must be thrown away after three or four days.

18) Avoid over cooked seafood. For cooking a piece of fish, around 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness is a good guideline. Most shellfish is fully cooked in just a few minutes, as soon as it is opaque. The overcooked shellfish is rubbery and tough.

19) When poaching the fish, start with cool poaching liquid, then warm the fish and liquid together, as this will prevent uneven cooking.

20) For deep-fried fish, use a candy thermometer and keep oil between 350 and 375 degrees. In case if you do not have the candy thermometer, you can put a small piece of bread in the oil. If the bread turns golden brown in about 45 seconds, then your oil is to temp.

21) Using just a little salt, pepper, citrus and maybe some fresh herbs will allow the delicate flavors of your fresh and perfectly-cooked fish to shine through, when it comes to seasoning seafood.

How To Sear Seafood

Sear Seafood

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22) The best ways to serve seafood is to sear it in a saute pan so that the moisture of the fish is sealed in by a golden-brown crispy crust.

23) Pat your fish dry, as the moisture on the seafood will prevent it from browning.

24) Do not touch the fish while cooking it on a pan or grill, because once the fish is properly seared, it will release from the cooking surface on its own.

25) Start the fish cooking presentation side-down, as it makes for a much nicer-looking plate.

Seafood Recipes

We have selected some of the famous seafood recipes for you which you can try.

- Mackerel Salad

- Grilled Lime and Fennel Sardines

- Citrus Lemon Sole Skewers

- Spicy plaice

- Spicy Thai prawn soup

- Smoked mackerel fishcakes

For more recipes like this,

Visit -, where you can explore hundreds of seafood recipes, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.


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