Try Vacuum frying technique to keep the nutrients intact

June 01, 2021 17:41
Try Vacuum frying technique to keep the nutrients intact

Try Vacuum frying technique to keep the nutrients intact:- Fried food is never healthy and the health experts warned several times to keep away from fried food. The food is loved by everybody because of the taste and the crispiness. Food items that are fried using the traditional methods are not healthy. The traditional ways need the food items to be immersed in hot oil that increases the cholesterol content and the trans fat. This is completely unhealthy warns the health experts and doctors. There are some modern techniques to prepare fried food that keep us healthy. Vacuum frying is one of the modern techniques used.

It is the process to place the food item in a vacuum chamber and cook it at low temperature. Always cook the food at a low heat in a vacuum container and this makes the difference. Air pressure is used to cook the food along with air pressure and oil. In this case, 70 percent less oil can be used and the temperature of the chamber too should be kept low. This reduces the boiling point and all the nutrients are kept intact. This also lowers the release of carcinogens which reduces the impact of cancer. The vacuum fried snacks are tasty like the traditional fried items and are healthier.

The process of vacuum frying reduces the usage of oil which makes the food item have less fats. This reduces obesity, cardiac diseases, diabetes and heart stroke.

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