Roja attacks Sharmila: Supports YS Jagan

February 23, 2024 20:44
Roja attacks Sharmila: Supports YS Jagan

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Roja attacks Sharmila: Supports YS Jagan:- The political landscape in Andhra Pradesh is currently engulfed in tension as the YSR Congress Party (YCP) and its members trade verbal blows amidst allegations and counter-claims. The focus of the recent conflict has been on the relationship between YCP leader Jagan and his sister Sharmila, with accusations of financial impropriety and property disputes at the forefront. In the midst of this escalating situation, YCP member Roja has entered the fray with a statement that seeks to clarify the financial dealings between Jagan and Sharmila. According to Roja, Jagan does not owe any money to Sharmila, countering recent assertions made by Sharmila regarding her ownership stake in Sakshi Media.

Roja's assertion that all financial transactions between Jagan and Sharmila were settled by their late father, YSR, adds a new layer to the ongoing narrative. She goes on to affirm that businesses such as Sakshi Media and Bharathi Cements are solely owned by Jagan, thereby dispelling any doubts concerning the ownership structure of these enterprises. The reference to political motivations behind Roja's statement, as suggested by opposition parties and political followers, only serves to deepen the intrigue surrounding this issue. Accusations that Roja's remarks may have been orchestrated by the Chief Minister's camp add a further element of political maneuvering to the situation.

Roja's critique of Sharmila's alleged association with opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu, coupled with her challenge to Pawan Kalyan regarding his family's financial arrangements, underscores the intensity of the political discourse in Andhra Pradesh. As these rivalries play out in the public sphere, the true nature of the relationships and transactions between key political figures remains a subject of speculation and scrutiny.

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