In the city of Romance!

August 16, 2013 19:47
In the city of Romance!

French is the language that turns dirt into romance!  
"Stephen King"an American author

When it comes to Romance, Paris is one of the best cities in the world apart from being the fashion capital too! It's a place for romance lovers and has the best locations to gain the most romantic moment with one's sweetheart.

Get on the height of romance!

The world famous Eiffel Tower has it's everlasting beauty but there are two other ways to get high with your honey which includes The Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame both provide stunning views of the city. The reason would be to gain with a better view, because the Eiffel Tower is so tall the city is too small from that height whereas at Notre Dame, you get the bonus of being close to the romantic Paris.


The Arc de Triomphe


Notre Dame

Live it to the max in Romantic Paris!

A short train ride away including a visit to the luxurious Chateau de Versaille, the elaborate palace of the notorious Sun King. In fact, a bottle of wine and a snack of baguettes and cheese to nibble on the grounds would add on to delight to the journey. Having just a few more minutes further on the same train, you can visit Chartres Cathedral which one of the most stunning gothic churches in Europe.


Chateau de Versaille


Chartres Cathedral  

Live like a king in Romantic Paris!

Want to live it up like a king and queen yourselves? Reserve a stay at the world-renowned which is appropriately-high-priced George V. Even if it's out of your price range, pop into the hotel lounge to soak in the atmosphere without emptying your joint savings account.

Or truly pretend to be royalty. Stay at a French chateau (castle). The Chateau d'Esclimont is about 45 minutes from Paris, and even has lower-priced rooms that make it within reach for mere peasants and be sure to eat dinner at the chateau's wonderful restaurant and don't forget dessert which is a special treat here.


Bonding with nature, and with each other!

Paris is filled with beautiful gardens, and all make an unbelievably romantic setting. Luxembourg Gardens, in particular, is a great spot for couples, and is adjacent to the breathtaking Luxembourg Castle.


Luxembourg Castle

Wine and dine in Romantic Paris!

There are few things better to savor in Paris than a wonderful meal, accompanied by a delectable bottle of wine in fact one can also pop in anywhere to find this. Wander along the Champs Elysees until a sidewalk cafe captures your attention.


Champs Elysees

Walk really close to each other!

Experience the Ile Saint Louis (near Notre Dame) for a great neighborhood for walking. The tiny island within the Seine has cute boutique shops, nice restaurants and nightclubs filled with locals. Be sure to try Berthillon, a delicious ice cream that can only be found in this small neighborhood.


Ile Saint Louis

Hit it on Jazz!

This is one of the best cities in the world to listen to jazz, whether it's at a smoky hole-in-the-wall or a popular club. Hit any jazz club, snuggle, sip wine and listen to the sounds of pulsating Paris!

A place which never let's you down when it come to realism in romance,Paris!

Have a safe journey!

(Content reference from go france)

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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