Rahul Gandhi back in Amethi with Pappu instinct

May 19, 2015 13:12
Rahul Gandhi back in Amethi with Pappu instinct

Rahul Gandhi who is popularly known as ‘Pappu’ due to his unintelligent jibes is in Amethi, his constituency. Rahul is now-a-days very much agitated for the cancellation of his pet project, a food park. A project which was inaugurated by him, but not provide any facilities while his party was in power. During the entire 10 years when his party was in power he was not able to do any development to his constituency and this has been seen as his inability to serve the people of Amethi. Now when the food park is cancelled long back in 2014, he has started to blame the present day government, but he was not able to answer, why the food park has not come into existence when his party was in power. He has run away from his responsibility as a Member of Parliament for 57 days when the parliament was in session. He has not disclosed where he has been. Such an irresponsible MP Rahul is now back with his ‘Pappu’ jibes to evaluate the Modi government.

Rahul said, "I give the BJP-led NDA dispensation a zero out of ten for its anti-farmer and anti-labourer postures during one year of rule." "The Centre wanted to take revenge on me by cancelling the food park project. However, in the process, they hurt the interests of the farmers and labourers of Amethi and 10 other districts in its proximity. The food park would have changed the fate of farmers in the region. The Modi government has dealt a blow to them. They have not taken away this project from me. They have snatched it from the farmers," he said in Jagdishpur area. It is astonishing to hear these kind of irresponsible statements from a person who has not done anything for the people of his constituency for the last 10 years. But the people of this country consider Rahul’s statements as a ‘Pappu’ jibe.

"We are going to give you very detailed snapshots day by day on the so-called celebratory aspect of the one year of Modi government," Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said. Congress party has launched a counteroffensive on the BJP led NDA government's plans to highlight its achievements during its one year in office. Singhvi highlighted the government's shortcomings on several indicators and said  that AICC is planning to deploy a battery of spokespersons in various state capitals from May 20-25 to counter the NDA's claims.

Whatever the opposition and congress states, the changes are very much visible in the government when compared to the UPA term. It is a very big achievement that even the opposition does not have any allegation of corruption against the Modi government.

By Premji

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