Friday morning Wishesh! Pujara talk of the town

August 24, 2012 10:20
Friday morning Wishesh! Pujara talk of the town

Hi folks its party time again with the week end approaching us as fast as a Tsunami on the shores of the mighty oceans. Wonderful morning showers give respite to the city dwellers. However reluctance to get out of bed is a follow-on syndrome. Anyways if you are awake early, Wishesh brings you your morning updates.

Celebrity Corner: Today we have two prominent birthdays of Tollywood celebrities one is the veteran Anjali Devi and another is of the youth craze singer Geeta Madhuri. Wishesh salutes the veteran Anjali Devi for her life time in Tollywood and wishes her a happy-health always. Wishesh also wishes Madhuri a happy birthday.

Wishesh also wishes the singer that Madhuri must spread the nectar (madhuryam) of music, as always, in her long future.

Days Specialty: In 1891 Thomas Alva Edison patents his first motion picture, or the first video moving images.

History Speaks: In 1690 on this day the first factory was established in Calcutta, by the East India company that first landed at Surat on this same day way back in 1608. This was considered as the originof the city, but later went into controversies. In 2003 the Calcutta apwex court declared that there was 'no birthday'.

Mysterious 'speaking divine just born' is a fiction of imagination: India is country where people give more importance to magic than logic. And that is the reasons for more  Babas than Scientists in this nation of billions. On Wednesday, rumors about a speaking divine just born, spread like wild fire across the Rayala-Telangana regions. Unfortunately many believed the falsified baseless rumors and a had a pathetic night out. Authorities tried their best to scorn down the rumours. Yet the public was gripped with fear. Bulk SMS ban helped the public, as the rumors did not catch up far and wide.

National: India successfully test fires the Laksya 1 from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur near Balsore in Orissa. The indegeniuosly developed, micro-light pilot-less target aircraft, was a dream come true for the nation.

Tirupati: Devotees rush normal. Sources say that nearly 21 compartments were filled with devotees to have a glimpse of the Lord. Ordinary darshan shall take just 12 hours for the devotees in queue. For the stats 68,483 visited the shrine on Thursday.

Festival time: India is gearing up to celebrate Onam on the 29th  August. Though it is a regional festival, as our Malayalee friends are there all across the nation, it becomes almost a national one. Then we have the Ganesh Chathurthi on September 19. Paper Ganesha is going viral and it is good for the environment too.  Do not forget to mark this Ganesh Chathurthi with paper Ganesha.

Warangal: Water receds in Godavari Basin and Warangal District is recouping after the threats of a probable floods.

Sports: Both Team India(s) dominate the Kiwis at two different venues. In the colts section Team India colts defeat the Kiwi colts at the Tony Ireland Stadium, Townsville Australia in the U 19 World cup Semis encounter and are ready to face Australia on Sunday in the finals. India wound up at 209/9 in the first leg and got the Kiwis out at 200/9 in the stipulated overs.

And as for the Test match for the seniors at the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium in Hyderabad, Indians prove too much for the Kiwi bowlers with a splendid knock from Pujara (119) and India wind up for the day with a solid score of 307/5. for more analysis refer the Wishesh sports section.

Hyderabad: As Power Crisis takes center stage across the state, BJP to protest at the power head quarters today. As per the crisis, the cities are bearing the brunt of three hour power outage, the Corporations have 5 hours and towns have 6 hours power cuts. The worst are the villages which do not have power for nearly 12 hours from 6 am - 6pm.

From the epics: Bhagavad-Gita: Till yesterday we finished the first six chapters of the eighteen episode Bhagavad-Gita. These are the introduction chapters which were delivered by the Lord Krishna to his discipline Arjuna on the battle fields of Kurukshetra. As per the narration the first six chapters deal mainly with introductions are  classified as the Karma Yoga section. In details these are about the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the Ultimate Consciousness through actions.

Chapter One,'Visada Yoga' deals about 'Lamenting the Consequence of War.'

Chapter Two, Sankhya Yoga deals about 'Eternal Reality of the Souls' Immortality.'

Chapter Three, Karma Yoga deals about 'Eternal Duties of Human Beings.'

Chapter Four, known as Jnana Yoga deals with, 'Approaching the Ultimate Truth.

Chapter Five known as 'Karma Vairagya Yoga' deals with, 'Action and Renunciation.'

Chapter Six known as 'Abhyasa Yoga' deals with, 'The Science of Self-Realization.

Did you know what another Hindu Ascetic Madhvacharya said, 'Bhagavad-Gita is apauruseya which means of divine origin and eternal.'

(With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)

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