Politicians market: Parliament

February 05, 2014 18:03
Politicians market: Parliament

The Indian Parliament is place where laws and legislations are made for common man. But over the past few years, we can see it turning like a Market where people shout at each other and end up for nothing. As result of no discussion in both the houses, important laws and legislations are being delayed. Over 720 hours of time was wasted in the last Parliament sessions.

Wonder why the members are elected then? Every political party should be blamed for this uncharacteristic behavior of their members but no party is ready to accept their fault. Probably the advertisement of THE HINDU newspaper is absolutely a fact.

Coming to the present scenario, Lokpal Bill and anti-corruption related bills are pending in the Parliament for approval so as to eradicate corruption in the country (this might sound like a joke). But the central government is not sure whether the bills will get a nod or not. Finance Minister, himself claimed that the Parliament session won't have smooth proceedings then whats the point of assembling Parliament at the rate of Public money.


Mr. Chidambaram addressed students of Shri Ram College of Commerce and said, “If Parliament does not meet to pass laws, and beginning today you will see Parliament will meet, but I doubt whether it will pass any law. We have to go through the ritual of attending Parliament everyday and come back empty handed.”  This statement is absolute shame for a man who is in such a top position.



Leaders have no control over their MPs


You might wonder who made this remark, ironically Congress minister V Narayanaswamy said on Wednesday hours after his own party MPs led the disruptions in the Lok Sabha over Telangana issue. Speaking to the media outside the Parliament Narayanaswamy said, “coming to the Well of the House, shouting slogans, not allowing the House to function, the leaders of the political parties have lost control over their MPs. It is unfortunate.”  When questioned that his party leaders are doing so, he replied “I'm taking in general terms.” Isn't that a pathetic reply.


With elections hardly two months away, political benefit is only factor parties think off. If key laws are passed, government claims it as their victory and if not blame opposition for stalling them. How about a law on MPs behavior introduced in Parliament?


(AW: Vamshi)

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