Coop Elections hungama: Politicking Wishesh

February 18, 2013 10:43
Coop Elections hungama: Politicking Wishesh

Namaskaram andi!

Hope you are enjoying your special exclusive from Wishesh. Before you get into hectic schedules, we try to bring out, how public like you & me feel about the present happenings. The importance of the day is that the local cooperative polls shall be conducted across the state on Monday. The whole state would elect the DCCB and DCMS directors. Polling has started amidst tight security at the booths. Polling shall be over by this afternoon.  

This is just the lighter side of the issue while no harm is intended to anyone. This section includes gossips from the grapevine for reader enrichment. Do send in your comments or criticism for us to give you the best...........(Wishesh AarKay)


Supreme Court on local polls today: Why cannot reservations in the local polls not exceed 50 percent? This would be the argument of the state government in Delhi. To an earlier decision of the government to give room for 60.5 percent reservation in the Panchayati Raj nominations, the Apex Court objected for the same. The Supreme court objected to this record decision and urged that nothing above 50 percent is not permitted. The case  shall come up for hearing today and the arguments in this regards shall proceed.

According to stats given by the Census India 2001 report, 'The total population of Andhra Pradesh, as per the 2001 Census is 76,210,007. Of this, 12,339,496 (16.2 per cent) are Scheduled Castes (SCs). The SC population constitutes 7.4 per cent of the country’s SC population.' Hence the official population record the SC & ST constitute a rough quarter of the entire population. However taking into account the apex court's order seems to hold good. But why are the leaders in power want a change?

The whole funda is the numbers game. Governments ruled by elected members of a particular party want to favor the weaker sections in bringing out a favorable result at the electorate. Many analysts believe that the reservations at all levels is achieving only objective of bringing at par in the communal hierarchy, earlier a forward castes domain. On the other hand, logical thinkers want the right knowledged, irrespective of castes must be bestowed with the responsibility. By doing so development at all levels. Even when massive sops are offered to the weaker sections, there are a few who are reluctant to compete.


Will Coop polls reveal the winner: In reality, coop polls were to suggest the distribution of power to the macro levels. As per the practice many coop seats are competed as individuals who later prefer to get attached to a party. In the coop set up there are directors, who are elected and the directors get a chance to elect their Managing Director at the District level.

Now this time again there seems to be speculations in the air that this exercise is also a litmus test to the ruling party. The leading opposition Telugu Desam Party has been embarking on a massive walkathon by its Supremo N Chandrababu Naidu. There had been wide coverage for the party at the rural levels with his 'Vastunna Mee Kosam.' On the other hand, the YSR Congress has been the most successful in spite of its leader sitting in Chanchaguda prison. As for the ruling party, it is an another do-or-die situation for Kiran Sarkar. The number of Coop heads coming under the Congress roof would consolidate the position of the ruling regime.


Botsa & Kiran try their best to lure Coops: The PCC Chief Botsa Satyanarayana and the Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy are both hectic lobbying to ensure a party win in the Coop polls scheduled for the day. However the party with more leaders than followers seems to have solved the Rubik cube in a tactical manner. Yet there are some untied hitches looming over the party.

Some districts like the Adilabad  and Rangareddy were still on tenterhooks to accept the Congress supremacy. On the other hand, in Krishna District where TDP had a strong hold is now contemplated to be equally competed by Congress and just born YSR Congress. All the three parties are going all out in expressing their confidence over the victory in the district.

In Kadapa where the YSRCP has a strong hold, Congress wants to try its hand hard. In the T region the TDP had joined hands with the CPI and hopes to keep oppositions at bay. Even Congress seems to have joined hands with CPM, speculate sources. For once this time the ruling party seems to be jointly fighting with the oppositions and by the end of the day we could know whether they succeeded or not. However Kiran Kumar seems to be pinning on another survival, lets see who will be rejoicing and who would be remorseful by the evening. 

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