Tips and tricks for effective workouts

July 11, 2013 18:19
Tips and tricks for effective workouts

All of us struggle to lose those kgs, trying to slog it out in the gym or at home. But what makes good workouts even more effective is something else.

To get the most out of your daily workouts, one trick is to be regular. Being consistent is one of the most important rules of exercising. Keeping at it everyday without fail is necessary to lose calories. It can be just 20 minutes or 2 hours, but should be regular.

Another trick is to include toning, aerobic and interval training into the week. At least 20 minutes of toning twice a week creates a difference. Aerobic exercises such as running and walking should be increased more than usual. Interval training includes few minutes of walking and few minutes of running alternately.

Next is to have patience. Workout as much as your body allows you to. Gradually the body corrects itself and becomes stronger. Pushing yourself too hard too fast is detrimental to the heath.

One gem of a tip is to have fun while losing weight. Do what makes you enjoy it. If your heart is not into it, you run the risk of not focusing enough. Any type of activity or training is helpful to lose weight and look shapely.

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