5 fantastic anti-ageing techniques

October 03, 2015 15:29
5 fantastic anti-ageing techniques

The number of birthday candles does not bother you, if you take a regular care of your skin, hair, and body. Here are the five fantastic anti-ageing techniques, which really work out, if you follow it regularly.

1. Retinoid has all the magic

Experts say that, using sunscreen, retinoid and moisturizer from the age of 20, will give the skin a youth kind of look. Especially, the retinoids can do all the magic, because of the vitamin A content in it.

2. Any physical exercise does

There is no physical exercise that affects the health. Causing wrinkles and sagging up and down motion are completely the myths. Running, skipping, spinning or lifting weights, is always friendly to the physical beauty. 

3. Applying more powder, do not work out always

If there are wrinkles, brown spots and bags, it means you apply more powder, than the normal. That might not cover the age. Experts say that, don't cake it on, but rather build it by layering. Start off with a blurring primer to disguise the signs of discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

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Top it off with a liquid foundation (it doesn't settle into lines like heavier cream formulations, which is generally best for mature skin), dust your T-zone with translucent powder, and finish with a cream blush for a youthful and healthy glow.

4. Face products work on the hands too

Face and hands are the two body parts, that are mostly exposed to the sun. But as  you are more concerned about the anti ageing products and moisturizers on the face, your complexion looks young, while your hands have wrinkles and brown spots. In those cases, the products that are used on the face, can be used on the hands too.

5. Have positive beliefs about beauty

Along with above mentioned four anti-ageing techniques, the other important techniques is to have the self confidence. The studies prove that, the people who had positive beliefs about ageing, lived 7.5 years more, than the people, who do not possess them and curse their beauty.

Along with the above, if you feel that, there are more techniques to follow, please do share with us in the comment boxes below, so that it helps the needy.

By Phani Ch

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