too much of dandruff ruling you?

December 26, 2012 15:36
too much of dandruff ruling you?

Constantly peering over our shoulders, scratching our scalp irrespective of where we are, not caring about who is watching us and most important, our hair filled with ‘this’ and ‘this’ refers to dandruff. You might have tried every measure to get rid of dandruff. Along with your treatment, try this simple ways to get rid of dandruff;

Wash your hair everyday… the more you tend to let all that dust and unwanted particles get into and stay in your hair, the more chance of dandruff sticking to your scalp and hair… and every day hair wash, resulting to hair fall is just a myth… why to take a chance? Chose a mild shampoo for your hair… this is a major step to get rid of dandruff.

Remember, never wash your hair, without properly oiling it… just like you apply night cream on face every night, apply oil to your hair as well. Applying oil to your hair will prevent your scalp from extra dryness and in turn dandruff coming into your hair.

Brush your hair mildly as if you are messaging your hair and scalp. This way, there is a chance for all those dead cells in your scalp to get active and your hair getting a life from roots.

Avoid oily, fatty and sweety or salty food, in more than regular quantity. This is not only a problem for your health but curbs your scalp’s health as well. Instead, try taking food that contains a lot of vitamin B.

The more good sleep you have the more overall body, including the nerves in your brain and scalp in return will relax.

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