5 aspects of interior design you should not forget

November 22, 2012 17:28
5 aspects of interior design you should not forget

We all love to have a beautiful home that looks classy and rich, but most houses though grand miss the most important aspects of a great interior design due to poor planning. On the other hand, people with a small house and budget think interior design is not something they can afford. A common misconception. You don't need to hire an interior designer paying big bucks to design something lavishly and burn a hole in your bank accounts. Interior design is the art of making a house, regardless of the size or budget, look aesthetically pleasing. In the end its all about your taste. Magazines may provide ideas for the prodigal consumers but when you know the key aspects of the design, you can have a scaled down, way cheaper solution for yourself.


Tip #1: Good Lighting


This is the most important aspect of any good home. With proper lighting at the most needed locations in the house you can save electricity, make the house look much neater with evenly distributed illumination. Try to add hanging lamps, and table lamps to add drama to reading rooms and kitchens.

Tip #2 Decorative Plants in rooms


Most simple plants to deal with are from the cactus family which are available in smaller sizes too. Tuck them away under a glass table or put them on your table.


Some kind of taller plants and bonsai trees are capable of living inside a home while adding oxygen and beauty to the home. Learn more about the plants and install a few in the living room to make it more lively.

Tip #3 Paintings and mirrors


Pick paintings, or photographs if you prefer them more, in moderately large sizes and place them behind your couch or on the side walls. There is no way interesting designs, abstract art among others fail to draw your attention.


Creative use of mirrors though expensive would add an interesting dimension to your house. However, do not over do however; you run the risk of turning your house into a hair saloon or a mithai vatika!

Play with colors and shapes


Rectangle, square, circles... people have been seeing them in houses since time was discovered. Try to add something interestingly unnatural. Experiment with ovals and triangles. Choose couches and chairs that look different than the conventional ones, not compromising on comfort though.

New Floors


The floors due to their monotonous appearance may appear drab sooner than you think they might. But we have a method to pep up the appearance of your rooms. Since changing the floors completely is an impractical and an extremely expensive idea a good idea might be to add some carpets to the place to make them look newer and better.

Go Ahead and try your creative vision while keeping these key aspects to interior design in mind.

(AW- Anil)

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