Is it so hard to Sense Common?

May 02, 2012 15:35
Is it so hard to Sense Common?

Wow! Good yaar. Looks like round the clock, 365 days, every day there would be important for some or the other. After celebrating 'House Wives day’ yesterday, it seems today is 'Use Your Commonsense' day. I was almost shocked to know this. As far as I know, common sense is something that is very common in all of us, irrespective of our brought up and Education. It is so inculcated in our mind that using the same, day in and day out us do n number of things.

From were to travel, to how to travel, what is hygienic to eat and what not, how to react to each situation, how to plan our day, what dress would be suited to us and what not, how to behave as per the atmosphere, in short ‘Common Sense’ has been referred to our basic ability of analyzing what is suited to us, what is good to us and what not.

But, at times, thanks to all those situations we are stuck in, it would be so hard for us to find out the actual fact by using our 'Common Sense'… and this made some people say, 'Common Sense' is no more common in many people. Let’s take an example of certain quick situations;

A universal problem that almost all our Woman would end up experiencing a Bad relationship any time in our life.It is not that we do not have an ability to judge the people or it is also not because we are innocent. It is only that, we would be so very involved and starts believing the other person, as a result we do not bother to use our common sense in experiencing the situations and finding out what is true and what not.

The other example would be again very common. Many of us are working in such a job that we are not at all passionate. It is just because we have chosen that domain initially, and now continuing the same. We have studied and ended up doing a job in a domain, just for the heck of doing it. Have we used our Common Sense of sitting down and analyzing what we actually want out of our career, the situation would be entirely different.

These were two quick examples that I could put in. if I and you can sit and think, we can find out infinite number of examples that can point out the acts we have done, irrespective of using our Common Sense. So, this means, Common Sense is not just limited to our day to day routine. It can be as simple and switching on the gas before making a tea to as complicated as choosing a live partner.

It is all about keeping our thoughts open and amending our knowledge about the society atleast from time to time. Rather than blindly going ahead to where our thought takes us, stop and think for a while, if it is really necessary for us to do or not to do anything.

On this day, let us give the new definition to 'Common Sense', and that would be 'Sensing all those Common situations that can give uncommon results if taken an improper step'!

(SunayanaVinay Kumar)

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