Working moms.. be a best mother too..

March 16, 2012 16:44
Working moms.. be a best mother too..

If life itself is all about managing so is mother hood, not at cost of your work or profession. All you need is certain more time and affective planning for being a super mom, managing work and your baby at a time.

And for that, you can consider reading the following;

Women are sometimes torn between heading to work and staying at home with infants or young children. A 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center found that men and women mostly agreed that a full-time working mother isn't best for a young child. And while more than 50 percent of dads say the ideal situation for a child is to have a mom who doesn't work, nearly 50 percent of moms say part-time work would benefit a child the most.

Full-time work, then, can lead to feelings of guilt. Just because you feel guilty doesn't mean you are guilty. That's very important for working moms. They can so easily get caught up in the emotional aspects of going to work.

You have to embrace your choice. If you know you've made the right choice for your family then that's all that matters.

Traditional daycare or nannies are not the only options, she adds. For instance, moms can swap childcare duties with another mom, or have friends or relatives provided stints of care during the days when your child isn't at a daycare center.

There's always a partner or spouse, though some research has shown moms don't always ask for help. Mothers and fathers can do split-shift childcare, particularly if one parent works from home. That way, dad can watch the kids in the evenings while mom works in her home office.

If you are very involved in your work and in your family, the first thing you're going to start taking time away from is yourself.

He realizes such advice is easier said than done. They need the bubble bath but they can't take the bubble bath because they need to clean up the kid who just threw up on themselves. That's when mom's social support group comes in, he added. Asking a partner or friend to, say, pick up the kids from school, while you take an hour for yourself could be just what the doctor ordered.

Though being possessive about your kids out of the love you have on them, just remember even they are Individuals. The more you are back of them; the more chances of they letting out of your hand are high. At the same time, your choice of giving them a more than required freedom is also a bad option… so, just like in your career you know what to do, when to do and what not, even in the scenario of Child care, you need to know how to handle your kids and when to give them a much needed freedom and when you should put a check on what they are doing, when the freedom is not at all required  at all for them… even child care is all about being intelligent and alert, just as you would be while handling issues at your Work!

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