‘PAST’ – Hurdle to future?

December 12, 2011 16:00
‘PAST’ – Hurdle to future?

Anvesha, a smart intelligent and Today’s Woman. She is a Engineer by profession, working in one of the best MNC’s, earning 5 figured salary, and her name is now recommended by higher officials to handle the project from client’s place. To add to these, entire she fulfills the basic identity of a Woman that is being beautiful. Who does not want a Woman who possesses all these qualities in their life? Anvesha will soon be crossing 25 years and till date was never involved in any kind of committed, short term or emotional relationship and neither ready for settling down in life. she neither has got any male friend in her gang. All she does is as a part of her job is speaks to her male colleagues and that is strictly limited to work.

Anvesha is a normal Woman like you and me, not a homo sexual, lives with her family and siblings, possess a normal life style… then why this kind of a behavior when inter acting with opposite sex, apart from her father and brother?

Anvesha was 8 years old, when this ‘nightmare’ of her life happened. She was sexually assaulted by her neighbor who is almost her father’s age, that time. at that age, she neither new what is happening with her, nor had guts to speak out what was happening with her to her parents. But she definitely could sense, what was happening with her was not acceptable. It was at the time, when Anvesha fallen sick and she was admitted into the Hospital, her parents have got to know the shocking reality. However, all the measured of punishing the guilty and taking good care of Anvesha were taken. But, till date Anvesha is not able to get out of her ‘PAST’ and prefers not to live the future…

Unfortunately, many amongst us are in a similar state. Be it our neighbor, teacher, or even our own sibling, relative and in a worst scenario our father, many Woman amongst us have faced the sexual assault in their childhood. Our innocence at that time did not let us understand or speak about what is happening with us. But the time we got to know what was happening with us, the worst could have already happened.

All those positive and motivating talks of getting out from ‘PAST’ and living the present for a bright and happy future might not actually get into our mind as our ‘PAST’ is more negative than the ‘Positive’ of ‘Present’. And we end up living in this ‘guilt’ for a long time and some times, all through our lives…

When it comes to accepting the facts of our live, be it the hike we get based on our capability, our physical appearance, our negatives and our Social status, we accept them the way they are. Then why do not we hate ourselves to accept the ‘PAST’ of our life that has happened with/without our knowledge? Who does not have a darker phase in life? And if you feel ‘your character is lost’ considering your ‘PAST’ then Baby, you are completely mistaken. All those proverbs or stories that talk about ‘Losing our character’ for life time is to prevent us from doing any mistake. Once the mistake happens, with or without your concern, and you have realized that is a mistake, then work on setting it right and that not affecting your future, rather than running from your ‘PAST’. It is your life after all, and you cannot run from accepting anything. The best way to lead your life is inculcating a thought of ‘Whatever happens in life, life has to go on’, and ‘Move On’. Rather than cursing your past, please consider those incidents has experiences that thought you to be the toughest and face the toughest in life.

The ‘Present’ and the ‘Future’ is in your hands and now it is up to you, how you would design it. You want your ‘Present’ and ‘future’ ruin because of you living in ‘PAST’ or the same to be better, because of you wanting your life to be ‘BETTER’!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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