‘Are we Independent?’

August 15, 2011 20:29
‘Are we Independent?’

IndipendenceDayWow! 65th Independence Day. Today would be full of Joy. Most probably every one of us would see to it that we dress up in whites, make sure we stick a flag on our Top to showcase our ‘Desh Bhakti’. Our Agenda today would be sending all those forwarded messages that we get on our Mobile, to all the contacts we have stored in our Mobile, attend to the flag hosting in our College, Office, Community near by our home, celebrate the Independence with lots of sweets, Wish everyone, try to take a leave from work, watch all those Films on Television, that showcase patriotism, meet all our friends or go out with our family, probably have a family pack of Ice Cream with our family, then go to bed, thinking about what to do tomorrow. It is not that I am making fun of you; even I have been doing the same all these years but not anymore.

There is a kind of wake up call that popped up in my mind today, as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning. ‘Why should I celebrate Independence day? What did I achieve? Just by working, bearing my own expenses, living away from my parents, taking care of myself, mean that I am Independent? Am I expecting more from myself? Am I exaggerating my thoughts?

There was this dilemma that run for couple of minutes in my mind. Then my thoughts went to next level, ‘ Yes, when compared to many of my friends and some of my neighbors whom I know, I have succeeded in getting a Job, in turn some earning, being responsible to certain extent, living my own life atleast with some amount of pride, today. But, this is definitely not enough. Even today, for any major decision to be taken, I depend upon my parents or siblings or even friends whom according to me are matured. I re – think on spending certain huge amount of money, I can’t take a decision on my own in terms of what I should study, where I should work, where I should live, and of course whom I should marry. So, all these put together mean I am not Independent? Still striving for my identity?

Definitely not. Of course, I do agree that each and every important decision of mine involves my parents/siblings/elder’s involvement, but, at the end, I have done nothing without my own concern. It could be right from what kind of dresses I should wear to whom I should get married. I have always listened to my family, convinced them with my decision and have done what I wanted to do. No regrets, no complaints. ‘

Then I understood, being independent for a Man or a Woman do mean living their life on their own, but definitely with the acceptance of their loved ones and family.

‘Being Independent means, your thoughts and your family’s agreement going hand in hand.’

With this clarity in me, I feel a complete Woman free from all those confusing thoughts that used to question my Independece, so do you. Happy Independence Day!

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