‘Irritated? No more!’

October 11, 2011 16:09
‘Irritated? No more!’

Hugging2Who will not get irritated yaar? And for Woman with a inherent quality of multi-tasking, managing hundred other things is for sure a big task and as a result, hell lot of stress. So, to relieve from this, try out some of these;

Make sure you get and give your fair share of hugs. Not only does hugging feel good, it has been proven to help reduce the stress level, cortisone.

Taking a rest isn’t only about not doing anything. A rest from work can mean putting the emphasis on what you do in your leisure time – hobbies, holidays, sport – to counterbalance work or everyday stress. And we all need sleep for energy, good concentration and general health. Chronic sleep-deprivation can affect your performance at work, which can be a key factor in raising stress levels.

When you need to reduce the pressure in your life, you can’t always do it on your own. Everyone should have a support network of friends, family, co-workers and other people they can call on to help take the strain - whether it’s practical help or a sympathetic ear when you feel down.

Of course, staying grateful is a lot easier if you are hanging with the right crowd. Because once the negativity is out there, it’s up to you to tell your brain not to dwell on it. And, well, if you’re like me, that cognitive exchange demands a lot of energy. Best to choose your friends carefully and avoid the toxic conversations as much as you can.

Are yaar, kabtak? Atleast now, please implement the thought that is running in your  mind since ages. If atleast one thing is going against your mindset and you not liking it at all and moreover, if you are being asked to do something that is against your like, then simply say ‘no’. Later, what happens, who knows? Let’s see.

It seems, in order to revamp your mood and yourself, having your favorite flavor of ice creams would help for a better. So, next time, I suppose ice creams should work wonders for you. But, make sure you would not have them on a regular basis.

Wait, stop thinking for a while. Just think on which topic or issue you starting thinking and where it has been going at the end of the day? Not only your day and family, learn to prioritize your thought process and problems as well. Then see life becomes so easy for you.

Wishing you stress free days ahead!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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